Epsylon - The Guardians of Xendron takes the player on a journey to a futuristic world investigating a very special Science-Fiction setup. With a team of rather different characters the player investigates, and if required fights, his way through a large case. How you solve the case is though up to you. Combine the strength of your team members is important as no team member alone can crack the case alone.

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ISG HQ outside view
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Wow, looks pretty cool!

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I think you should get a concept artist. I respect your achievements on every other field, but your designs are almost always boring and flawed.

Seriously - you wouldn't hurt your game by making it look less generic and less symbolic. Everything else is fine. It's an impressive engine.

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Dragonlord Author

What exactly is generic or symbolic on that? It's currently just the walls with the inside and outside not made yet. It's usually the props which make a building look good or not. I've not seen any building in a game yet which looked good without inside and outside done. Besides it has to work too. And this is made after an initial concept art. Different building shapes have been drawn but the "turtle" looked best. There are anyways parts behind the building which are not made yet. So there is a plan on how this is supposed to look in the end but this is just one part of it yet.

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symbolic = when you draw a house you draw a square for the body and a triangle for the roof; that's how you see a house. Same happens when you start picturing a company: little flags on the roof, big windows, revolving door, etc.

- the problem with that is that you are constructing and making design decisions at the same time, resulting in a boring and generic looking building.

Like every coder, a concept artist has a way of prototyping things from shape to rendered image. The idea of art is to create diversity and compose old elements to the effect of creating something new. If you stick with your shoebox "everything looks like this in reality and RTS games" attitude, you won't get a unique style for your project.

Right now the designs are boring, but the engine is great and interesting. If you would team up with someone who knows as much about concept design as you know about scripting, you would achieve a much better result. It's amazing you can do all these things by your own, but they don't make up for skilful designs and atmospheric settings.

Also - I know criticism hurts, but it's the only way to get better.

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Dragonlord Author

I'm sorry, but you are wrong in that one. This is not how it has been designed. First of all it is "not" a square. There is a reason for the shape of this building which comes from the shape of the institution located inside and other factors. This form has been kept out of the few which have been proposed. It's therefore not "designed along the way".

What goes for the windows they are also not generic. They are part of a style choice for the entire building. The outside and inside is supposed to have a specific look and these windows (including their two-way trick) are required to get this look to work in the end once all props are there. Again this had not been done "on the fly" but planed when the building has been designed on paper.

Now your "shoehorn" comment is quite a bit off I'm afraid. Lots of designs in games have no "purpose". You mix up "realistic" with "real". The two are entirely different things. I'm going for "realistic" but not "real". Realistic means the world, the design and the inhabitants are "credible", "believable". It doesn't mean it has to be "real". It can even be fantasy as long as it is credible. Real is if you try to copy the real world. That's not the case here. The design strifes for "realistic" aka "credible" but NOT "real". Besides how you get to the RTS part? This project has nothing at all to do with RTS in any way. I slowly get the impression you don't know anymore what direction this project is actually going to if you think it is an RTS or tries to look like one.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm all for constructive criticism but this time it's quite off. There is a plan behind all this and it's not just "making this up on the go". There existed different version of the building before hand and one has been picked to be constructed as it fits best the design style looked for. What more you are looking for?

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Total shot of the ISG HQ building from the outside.

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