Epic Inventor combines side-scroller, RPG and RTS elements into one random ball of Epic!

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I go and buy all these games and then spend the weekend playing a free one. Epic inventor is lots of fun and addictive! I still haven't worked out how to climb back out of dungeons but this is a learning experience..
edit: ok I just worked out how to get out of dungeons :)

this is the best crafting/free-range game i've played

great game. i love the crafting in game, its simple, easy, and easy to navigate. the monsters are unique, the weapons are effective and interesting, and the fact that you can give the robot upgrades makes me happy.

this is a very, very fun game, despite the low ammount of items


MrSuperCupcakez says

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This game is amazing, with all the items to craft, the monsters, and the little villagers that do stuff for you!


Batguerra says

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Epic Inventor is an awesome game, persist with good gameplay and some nice music.A great world makes part of this game, which makes it a more fun experience.It also has a good variety of things and objects to create and discover.The game is not a new genre of gaming, since it's very similar to Terraria and principally Minecraft, which makes the experience a little lame, but not a thing that makes you sick of playing it, no, definetely.

The final result is a game where you can make your own world , with the help of your little friend Brian. Epic Inventor is a need-to-play.

awesome crafting game


Great game but no fulscreen:(

A great game, although this game could be greatly improved if it had a night cycle, also i would enjoy a few more enemies in the game and a bigger world size.

plz add moar wepions and platnium moar easy 2 find manb!!!but i do love dah game.

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