Epic Inventor combines side-scroller, RPG and RTS elements into one random ball of Epic!

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it sucks


MrSuperCupcakez says

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This game is amazing, with all the items to craft, the monsters, and the little villagers that do stuff for you!


Batguerra says

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Epic Inventor is an awesome game, persist with good gameplay and some nice music.A great world makes part of this game, which makes it a more fun experience.It also has a good variety of things and objects to create and discover.The game is not a new genre of gaming, since it's very similar to Terraria and principally Minecraft, which makes the experience a little lame, but not a thing that makes you sick of playing it, no, definetely.

The final result is a game where you can make your own world , with the help of your little friend Brian. Epic Inventor is a need-to-play.

The game is good, it definatly does have replayability if thats even a thing, but I have a few problems. The swors and any melee weapon is HUGE when you attack with it. Yes I know thats great for range, but it looks terrible. Also It needs more items I've only played for a week or so and iv'e already creeated everything I wanted. If you need ideas for items pm me I have plenty! Additions to the map would be nice like different landscapes. Also you should add in instructions on how to set up multiplayer in the main menu. Good game keep updating it fixing things like this.

A fun little game but it is honestly too small to be conidered anything but a flash game. :/

It is not the easiest game to get into. No description of the crafting materials or "outcome" is available (at least not on the linux machine I tried it on first) so most of the time I had no idea what I was doing... I thought I might give it another try, but I was not able to get is running on my Ubuntu 12.10 x64. In a more advanced state, I might come back and give it another try - but for now, I can't give a higher rating (sorry).

Plain down AWESOME

VERY INTERSTING GAME but without local multiplayer...


A very good and complex game, similar to Terraria, but free, please keep the hard work!

Cool game :D

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