In Ensign-1 you play the role of a space fighter pilot returning from a deep space colonization mission. On arrival back to our own solar system, you find Earth has been colonized by a hostile alien force. It's now up to you, with the help of your mothership, the Ensign-1, to take it back Ensign-1 allows allows for complete freedom in approaching objectives. You can fight from the safety of your spacecraft, or land and exit to explore space stations and carriers on foot. You can commandeer any spacecraft in the game, no matter how big or how small. Defend an asteroid base, or take the fight to the enemy with a huge mothership, friends manning turrets, it's your choice. The game also features a multiplayer mode where players can explore a randomly generated galaxy, either fighting co-operatively to clean out enemy fighters, or battling each other for supremacy.

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Most indie games focus on simple concepts that can be fully exploited with a small budget. This has led to some great classics, but I feel the possiblity of truly grand-scale indies has been left untapped. Ensign 1 is the sort of game that I wish had 10 million dollars behind it.

I knew from the summary that the game allows an FPS portion when your ship is docked, but I didn't realize that you can actually move around your own ship while it is traversing through space. This feature is already implemented, and the potential here is pretty astounding. Instead of a simple HUD, you have a real ship, with real physical space, and the ability to hold multiple passengers that can move freely to different ship operations.

The game is currently in a very unfinished state, but if this sort of concept even remotely interests you, there's no reason not to throw in your support now. This is truly a concept that needs to be explored, and the current price is an absolute steal.

(Since this is only an alpha version, I'm giving a 10 for potential, and the fact that the current build is easily worth the $5)

The concept of this game is just epic.

Trying to revive a pretty much dead genre, it goes a long way to add new sugar n spices to the space game scenario. Mixing Star Wars Battlefront's dogfights with multiplayer-controllable ships and actual ship interiors, gunfights and a good modability, this is bound to stir up a lot of attention.

Even in it's current, unfinished state it is well worth the low price of admission, seeing it as a tech-demo preview of what they are going for and asking you for support.

Can't wait for multiplayer or an expansion/sequel, an open world like in Freelancer of Evochron Mercenary would make this the next big hit for all fans of the space genre.

Love the concept of being able to leave the spaceship and fight on foot as well -- as if two games in one. Artwork, particularly in space, can be quite striking. Nice attention to detail.

So much fun!!!!

played it at magfest super fun!

It doesn't get a 10 because I liked the original main menu theme, better.

Oh come, on!

The mechanics behind it are simply great

An excellent start to what gives every indicator of becoming a great space-combat sim.

Newtonian physics do a lot to add an extra element of challenge, and the FPS segments, while basic, are still enjoyable to play through.
Missions are simple and to the point, uncomplicated.
Of course, this game isn't even finished yet, and I look forward to whatever comnes next.

this game looks very good unfortunatly i can't get it now but if i could i would. you should really check this game out. Just the fact you may fly in space freely and get out to ships and take over is exciting! i give this a 10 of 10!!!

Just for the kicks! Its GREAT!

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