It's not WW2 this time. It's the futuristic Quake 4 environment. Get ready! As the invasion begins, players choose to battle as one of five unique classes in either the EDF (Earth Defense Force – humans) or the barbaric alien Strogg armies, each augmented with specialist weapons and combat hardware. Troops utilize over 40 conventional and futuristic vehicles, deployable structures, and defense systems like quad-bikes, tanks, and alien walkers for epic ground assaults; or helicopters and anti-gravity ships to lend firepower from the air. Throughout each battle, teams establish bases, deploy defense structures, artillery, radar, and advanced forward-command systems into enemy territory while constructing and demolishing obstacles to speed progress and gain a tactical advantage over the enemy. With realistic dynamic lighting and shadowing from headlights, searchlights and even the moon, battles can be fought during the day or night; while accurate simulation of the atmosphere,...

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Tribal Wars
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

1. Tribal Wars

4 years ago Released 2010 Multiplayer First Person Shooter

“Tribal Wars” is a team based multiplayer shooter modification that utilizes some of the team oriented aspects of its parent title, “Enemy Territory...

Quake Wars: Tactical Assault
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

2. Quake Wars: Tactical Assault

3 years ago Released 2009 Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Quake Wars: Tactical Assault is a revamp of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars' core gameplay, with the intention of creating a grittier, more realistic environment...

23rd Century Warfare
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

3. 23rd Century Warfare

3 years ago Released 2010 Multiplayer First Person Shooter

23rd Century Warfare is a Quake Wars multiplayer modification developed by Scared Pixel Studios which focuses on enhancing the visuals, realism and sounds...

Wheels of War
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

4. Wheels of War

4 years ago Released 2008 Multiplayer Car Combat

Like Carmageddon? Love Wheels of War! The Carnage Council demands it! Racing, vehicular carnage, power-ups, (insane stunts, killing zombies, and upgradeable...

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

5. Gangs4Life

1 year ago TBD Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Gangs4Life (G4L) is a total conversion mod for Splash Damage's Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which uses the Doom 3 Engine. G4L immerses the player in an...

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

6. Grimey

7 years ago TBD Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Grimey is a violent, gritty, crime driven, street style, multiplayer, first person shooter, that takes place in urban neighborhood styled environments...

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

7. AvsB

8 years ago TBD Multiplayer First Person Shooter

AvsB: PMC Warfare AvsB is the future of war; secret operations and high level VIP-duty. With the success of PMCs in Iraq during the early second millennium...

Forgotten Heroes
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

8. Forgotten Heroes

7 years ago TBD Multiplayer First Person Shooter

Forgotten Heroes is a brutally realistic and intense World War 2 online multiplayer first person shooter. Realistic squad based combat combined with extremely...

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
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