Dominate the 18th century on land and sea. Command the seas, control the land, forge a new nation, and conquer the globe. Empire: Total War takes the Total War franchise to the eighteenth century Age of Enlightenment — a time of political upheaval, military advancements, and radical thought.

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8 GeneralG

Mar 14th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

This is a very good game and well worth getting. However i do think CA should have put more effort into it as a feel it is not as complete as med 2 or even rome. I also think that selling dlc that adds unique faction units is a scam and should have been included in the originel release.

Antiscamp says
10 Antiscamp

Oct 26th, 2011 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

The best strategy game since Civilization 1.

DaggerClassStudio says
9 DaggerClassStudio

Apr 26th, 2011 0 people agree 0 people don't

Empire Total war is an epic Strategic Total war game that follows the industrious 18th century of development, conquest and politics of world. You get to choose out of several major factions, several examples being, The British, The French, The Prussians, Russian Empire, Poland and Lithuania, The Netherlands and the Maratha Confederacy as a few. You command your empire in any way you want and for the first time EVER! with stunning new graphic improvements in the scenery and the sea, you get to finally fight at sea!. Command Ships of the lines down to simple small crude sloops and brigs and build an empire anywhere in North Eastern America, Southern America, Europe, and India. Check this game out!, it is seriously addictive and has kept me going for at least 200 + hours as this game never gets old!

The best Total War game in the series ever, battling for the place in supremacy with Medieval II Total war.

To add in the conclusion as an addition, stur up revulution in the world and see the rise of the USA!, as well as play as them in their rise to glory.

Graphics (9.3/10)
Game play (9.9.5/10)
Narrative Story Telling: (8.2/10)
Maps: (8.3/10)
Skins (8.7/10)
Entertainment (9.8/10)
Modder's Efforts N/A
Historical Accuracy: (6.4)
Technical (7.3/10)

Overall result: 9.7/10 = 97% on DaggerClassStudio's Game Rating
= A Excellent Game

~Christopher Carlisle James

Indrick says
8 Indrick

Jun 30th, 2015

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peych13 says
9 peych13

May 18th, 2015

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TheWiseman says
8 TheWiseman

Apr 13th, 2015

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rahhendriks1997 says
10 rahhendriks1997

Mar 31st, 2015

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felipegarciagajard says
8 felipegarciagajard

Mar 24th, 2015

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Dark1Isaac says
2 Dark1Isaac

Feb 12th, 2015

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trueservantx says
10 trueservantx

Feb 10th, 2015

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