Spanning across the epochs of mankind's history, Empire Earth is an encompassing, deep real-time strategy game similar in style to Age of Empires. Ranging from the very dawn of civilisation with the discovery of fire to the penultimate achievements of mankind's futuristic nanoage, players have all of the resources of the era at their disposal, from the club-wielding cavemen of prehistoric society, to atomic bomb-laden B52 planes of the Atomic Age. Featuring a robust campaign editor, and random scenario generator, Empire Earth is both a technologically-sound and enjoyable game.

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For those having the freeze issue, DON'T USE NEOEE!

If you did, uninstall EE and AOC.

Reinstall without NEOEE.

Go here, solution 6. Courtesy of Dr. MonaLisa

go and get the 3d analyzer here. (find Size: 874KB Status: Not Archived and click the "save" icon).

Install it, run it as admin AND win 7 compatibility.

Select EE-AOC.exe or EE.exe and click on the little white box that is next to force max. Pixel shader version 1.1.

Save this setup as a batch file.

Run the exe, and it works perfectly fine.

For reuse, run the batch file you saved. Otherwise, the exe will freeze.

Im running the game without V-sync. Also don't change the primary driver option. It will CTD.

z741 out

Windows 10

Windows 10

2 months ago News 2 comments Report

Game works perfectly on windows 10. Windows 8 was causing the GUI glitch.

Spanning across the epochs of mankind's history, Empire Earth is an encompassing, deep real-time strategy game similar in style to Age of Empires. Ranging from the very dawn of civilisation with the discovery of fire to the penultimate achievements of...
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Hexing EE full guide

Hexing EE full guide

1 year ago Empire Earth:The Art of War v3.3 (English/Español) Guides 1 comment

This tutorial shows how to hex EE in a good way.So enjoy this hexing tutorial hopefully is english is not that good

Investigation up 8 to 16 player, is posible!

Investigation up 8 to 16 player, is posible!

1 year ago Empire Earth:The Art of War v3.3 (English/Español) Tutorials 0 comments

En este tutorial les dejo mi investigación acerca de como poner más jugadores para que puedan investigar más a fondo :D. In this tutorial I leave my...



2 years ago Empire Earth:The Art of War v3.3 (English/Español) Patch 4 comments

This is a new version only without the graphics Feature modified due to my lack of time to take up so much space I can not upload, I hope you me very...

red dawn rising v1.1

red dawn rising v1.1

2 years ago Full Version 0 comments

an update to red dawn rising campaign for empire earth art of conquest with more history in each scenario and a more balanced 2nd mission for better playability...

English Language AoW 3.0 singleplayer Fixed

English Language AoW 3.0 singleplayer Fixed

2 years ago Empire Earth:The Art of War v3.3 (English/Español) Patch 0 comments

Language files to put version 3.0 fixed the minor bugs I had. Instructions inside Enjoy it! Original source: wjteoh2 of EEheaven Forum

10 cits máx in mine and 20 cits default in multi

10 cits máx in mine and 20 cits default in multi

2 years ago Empire Earth:The Art of War v3.3 (English/Español) Patch 0 comments

This will have a maximum of 10 people in mines and berries, also 20 citizens selected by default in single mode to save time to set up the game now.

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tapix Feb 21 2009 says:

Anyone know where i could find space ship mods for this game?

+1 vote     reply to comment
mosc Aug 16 2007 says:

it is really blockheaded,stuped,to watch the game scene like with a magnifier,you have no overview,you maximum see just a small field,and it has no effect on your game strategy to see the units from nearest distance,it is just for short time a fun like watching a film,but you cannot play because you dont see anything important.even in total war they made a sight to see the distance.

i mean they dont want us that it is possible to see it from higher above.why?i mean thats ill!

perhaps that is just under the earth in the usa,and they dont have higher halls..what hard nazi they are the americans!i mean who are this people who try to do like robots..where they are from and why they use human and not robots ?

i mean everyday in any countries they steal hundrets of people,and twice ayear in the news they say just terrorist and alien seen kids..and genius minds,and scientists..and opposition politicians and writers and day they will come to your door too..

i know you are afraid americans.but just try to get over your cia firewal,and send me a letter..and who knows,perhaps you will be one of those who will not die in concentration camp in

i mean ..**** on the you know the rest too?isnt there a base under your house or flat?are your sure that you didnt hurt pentagon military secrets?are you sure that are your children?

wake is time for resistance!

-4 votes     reply to comment
Deceptibot Jun 10 2008 replied:

Dude, this is a modding forum. Shut The Fu** Up, stop talking about your half-baked conspiracy theories. None of it is true and noone cares.

+4 votes     reply to comment
mosc Jan 26 2010 replied:

no mister..i didnt meant that as half baked..thats just minimal baked,just mikro baked,atmic micro cooked..that s just nithing told about american lies in history and mass kill and torture.

and about your mods and often you need to klick your mouse to make units? you also have mods for zooming out?very seldom ,just some few games surely..and about empire earth..whats about big maps ha?what about really big maps?what about building,modding legally units and buildings..or..inventory ha?

instead of such..just watch the cmputer producing all time along units,no ending attack..we are biology and not just maths projected to a production queue.we are not made not mess up with a computer always just clicking to produce,and also have time to send the units around,and also to be with some to have a little bit tactical just get stupid with the computer and not intelligent.

that shows a lot about american politics and military.

other tips..whats about Total war...just a mind the pc (in the shortest form:)"calculating" what the other players or countries do..and if you have a slower cpu it always will take a time to wait for the next counter-argument is possible-i habe dual core,and all other parts of my pc are also fast and at medieval 2 i get bored waiting for next round8surely you wanted to tell me now,whats the minimum configuration and whats the best configuration and such things.guys like you always do like happy with the i give you a little bit to think about mr.-whats with emperor battle for dune-successor.ha? what ahppended to that fantastic game..just one of the future game software? no one in this world would believe you or do believe the message,they had no money anymore for the production..and be sure..that also the newest command and conquer..and thats now so much years!!is just stupid against just that old battle for dune.

-1 votes     reply to comment
mosc Jan 26 2010 replied:

they had made water,ice and desert wars..but thats too much for a small nazi american mind ..and then also war in outer space and coactivation,and effects.
noo now after so much years,command and conquer--now called c&c has a WHOOLEE BIG PLANET to play on..:kanes wrath-"global war" did EA made that? sweet so tiny,but so big GLOBAL.incredible!
but in order that people like you do not cry("this is just a modding forum uaaa"not the place to speak about problems..just to manage questions and proactive works..whatever....whats about..because surely you or others have mods which change units..yea!..and because c&c has now so much! units..(no not just not really-definetely not!)or even empire earth(i still do not know the ee3,but it cant be the revolution.surely still just the main elements from every just one,perhaps from one tank 2 versions..that made it man..that was it for my tiny brain..creating 2 different tanks..:so...whats about..the real time strategy star wars galactic the map maker or the single player-there are so much units available(thats not the only problem,but it is reality that how and why ever,usa say,basic units are enough..)under water bases,units and a lot more.still not open for change to any unit in 1st person view..
yea it,just do it..make us tha mods!!or are you afraid of NSA which would take you home?or the generals who has no fear of the world?no nothing..the only one thing the world does is to send you some airplanes with bombs in it..however,everyone is afraid and powerless against america!
im sure you have never heard the sentence:heey,this is our country!and so..they also do not like to give us just little countries in virtual world..not even big maps..(we know..our computers are not fast much data,unbelievable little have to wait for the future.).and the emperor,dune makers wanted to give us planets!

-1 votes     reply to comment
1234ABZ Jan 2 2007 says:

OMG my smilies are not working!

+1 vote     reply to comment
1234ABZ Jan 2 2007 says:

OMG this is my second fav game only beaten by unreal tournement;)

Good EVERYTHING, loads of cheats( Yah:D)

0 votes     reply to comment
Gloryn Jul 27 2006 says:

Empire Earths is actually Ensamble Studios secret creation because they were surprisingly not happy with their Age of Empires Series. (which i wasnt either, but hey)
EE Is what i deemed the attempt to capture a Military Simulation for ALL Epochs. Its not rlly civilization in any way and you have far less economy uses in this games. Its purely tactical and battle only mainly. I quite enjoyed EE over AoE A TON more and Even will still play EE over the new release Rise of Nations because of its larger scale and alil more realistic combat system. I found EE addicting becuase it was like AoE mixed with Total War. You can have one hell of a populatoin limit in this game, sprawling all the way up to 800! Its not hard to afford ur military either and u have no need to expand any supply. just start gathering with a few civilians and make a huge army. WOOT! The Partical effects, i will confess, also did me in. Like... DOOOD! SO MUCH SMOKE! WEEE! I loved the Industrial Age XD. Insanely smoky and everything.
Okie to the real deal here.. in actuallity, DO NOT ZOOM IN WITH THIS GAME. Your Textures look like ur men are made of legoes and attempt to resemble characters from Giligans Island. ITS Horrid. Accuracy? Naturaly judging so, cos it cliams to be a Historical Game; Is a... bit... f'ed up. AGAIN battle ships shoot frigging peach pits at you! I MEAN WTF?! AND SO DO THE TANKS! ... im gunna rlly strangle game creators. this is getting annoying. The Sound sux... heh... seriously it sux. i turn off EEs music everytime and play somthing on the Windows Media Player instead. I simply keep the FX on just to locate areas of active engagments only.
All in all tho i rlly liked this game, i still find myself zooming in to view the massive sprawls of ware fair that can literally fill a whole huge island on a large map in a 1v1 counquest. it gets pretty insane.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Deceptibot Jun 10 2008 replied:

There's a mod that lets you go up to 5000 units ingame. Its insane! XD

+1 vote     reply to comment
leilei Dec 9 2005 says:

Apparently the info is inaccurate

Empire Earth was released November 2001 iirc.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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