“Embrión” is the ultimate test our main character “Hans Stuart” will have to overcome to survive to the Universe loneliness. After a spectacular accident with “Providence”, his spaceship, the Bionic Intelligence system that controls the ship (E.V.A), indicates that the only possible place to repair it is “Salyut XIII” (Scientific space base), which is located in the only possible route before the ship gets destroyed.“Embrión” offers the player a first person experience, an Interfaz without indicator menus, just the player and the environment. Everything happens at real time, and you will have just a few objects to help you in your nightmare, a lantern and your intellect, though this one may be paralyze because of the horror that hides every zone of the huge place where you are. You will be starving and thirsty, and you will be even able to contract a disease or an infection that you'll have to cure just with the few resources that each location may have. It's essential to take these factors in account, as they will be vital. You will spend several days before finding a scaping way (If you find it), or need to take refuge to let your mind rest... Though dangers always stalk.We are creating a complex universe, with interlaced stories. Everything will make sense inside “Embrión”, a big question will decide the evolution of its destiny.

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