You should have acted. They're already here. The Elder Scrolls told of their return. Their defeat was merely delay until the time after Oblivion opened, when the sons of Skyrim would spill their own blood. But... there is one they fear. In their tongue he is Dovahkiin; Dragon Born!

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Jul 23rd, 2013 4 people agree 2 people don't

It was a nice addition. But it just got very boring after you finished the main quest to the point where there really is no point in playing it.

The DLC's were terrible bug infested and half-assed.

AdamDenton1 says
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Jun 5th, 2012 5 people agree 6 people don't


TheUnabridgedGamer says
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Dec 8th, 2011 13 people agree 14 people don't

Some may claim I'm trolling, but I'm not. I seriously didn't find much entertainment value in Skyrim, and I'm glad that I was playing it on loan rather than having actually bought it. It's Oblivion with a new coat of paint and some better conversation bits. It still doesn't have much of a main story, and the sword play is still questionable at best (Kotaku's one writer said the same thing a few weeks ago).

I could go on -- but I think this'll probably get voted down anyway so what's the point?

Also, thanks to the three people who actually agreed.

TotallySnappy says
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Dec 10th, 2011

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