You should have acted. They're already here. The Elder Scrolls told of their return. Their defeat was merely delay until the time after Oblivion opened, when the sons of Skyrim would spill their own blood. But... there is one they fear. In their tongue he is Dovahkiin; Dragon Born!

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Really cool mods !!! makes Skyrim more fun if you get bord of the DLC's ore gameplay

Valve/Bethesda, you can't charge for mods. These aren't even total conversion mods they're selling, they're tiny addons. Its essentially user created, poorly made DLC. And its disgusting.
Let me make this clear: Skyrim is a great game, but I had to write a negative review because, well, paying for mods is a terrible, terrible idea.

Great Mod communety

Bethesda did an amazing job i never really liked medieval games. But this one really speaks out to me. Bravo Bethesda.

Skyrim took me from LOTRO, I have over 1500 hours of playing time on LOTRO and I'm a subscriber, but since I started playing Skyrim I never looked back! I know some people have complained about the performance, if you don't have the system to handle it then you won't be happy but if you do, PLAY ON!! One things for sure, I;'ve played it on Xbox and I've played on PC, don't even bother with the Box, it's not worh it. I can't wait for ESOL, I'm there!!

This game was a blast. It was really, really hard in my opinion to decide if this game is more towards the ten rating or the nine, but I gave it a nine because giving this a ten was.... hard for me to decide.

9/10 Immersion

9/10 Gameplay

10/10 tactics and inventory system

10/10 learning curve

1/0 (extra points) prolonged gaming

7/10 Replayability

8/10 Story Line and its campaign

3/0 (extra points) entire world objective based

10/10 Computer AI and their programming

10/10 Graphics and aesthetics

6/10 User interface

2/0 (extra points) for involving the most to grade elements of any rewiew I did.

Worth the buy? 10/10

If there is anything to complain about in this game, it would be the user interface, inventory taking up A LOT of useless items, SOME bad acting, as you level up, the creatures you fight take FOREVER to kill by hitting them 30-40 times, and finally its replayability value.

But all of that is like so dang minor to the complete game! So much time and effort was applied to this and the game really appeals to the audience, or at least most of them.

Creating characters is nice (even though it takes a very long time to get what you want done).

Killing Dragons is epic.

Finding and completing quests is solid.

Unfortunately, interface is almost poor quality value, especially on the XBox 360 where your favorited items can only be selected through pause and the other two arrows do nothing... potential loss, even though minor, and of course I find it annoying that there is useless crap in the game that you have to carry. Oh and can't drop keys or quest items that put on you 20 pounds of weight. :|

I said all I disliked. The game succeeds in comparison to Elder Scrolls IV, and I am addicted to this game like a... person... playing games!

Replayability value is hard to get back to though if you leave the game for a month or more.

Anyways, great work on the game, this is more than I expected it to be with little to no struggle to get "used to".


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I don't have much to say Its awesome game


One of the best RPGs out there! And with the big modding community it has you won't find no shortage of mods to make you play this game over and over again. A Must Have For All PC Gamers

Best game ever!

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