Survive, Fight, Explore, Terraform, Dig, and Build. In Edge Of Space you change the world to serve your needs in this unique mix of survival, defense, exploration, base building, Reactive world, dynamic sandbox. At the Edge of Space, you will need all your wits about you. Take your tools and start changing the dangerous world you have landed on. As one of the Elite ArkCo recruits, you must create outposts, power stations, weapons, gather resources, find lost technology, and turn the world into a livable environment. Build a small bunker to a giant science station, and perhaps grab the attention of the lumbering Ark ship. Can you dominate the Edge of Space?

Review RSS Feed zer0t3ch says
9 zer0t3ch

Dec 18th, 2012 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Great game so far, but needs more in the menu/settings area. Normally the lack of this would cause a rating of 5 or less, but I understand beta, so bring it on!

CatmanAS says
9 CatmanAS

Nov 11th, 2013

No review provided

CyrusNightshade says
9 CyrusNightshade

Oct 12th, 2013

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coderbill says
9 coderbill

Sep 4th, 2013

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Wardrakko says
9 Wardrakko

Aug 17th, 2013

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Platoonsgt1 says
9 Platoonsgt1

Jul 30th, 2013

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krematoriz says
9 krematoriz

Jul 16th, 2013

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goku_ssj_uk says
9 goku_ssj_uk

Jul 10th, 2013

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Smallsey says
9 Smallsey

Jun 30th, 2013

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HaruRoizoku says
9 HaruRoizoku

Jun 30th, 2013

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