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This game is in the process of being rebooted. New clean style with a fine tuned engine.

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ZorkTheOrk says

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For what it is it was fun. Still could use a little work.


ArchDukeInstinct says

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It could have been worse.

The problems start just trying to download it. Why would you not put the actual game .exe in a separate download link and the code files in another download link? 80% of the download is crap you don't even need if you just want to try the game out.

All the monsters look to be randomly taken off turbo squid and just thrown in the game. The coloring, shading, detail, and overall quality is so inconsistent from each one. Some have a jagged outline still, some don't... Some of the monsters have animations, some don't. Why??? This isn't just an inconsistency with the graphics, this messes with gameplay by making it hard to know when a monster's attack is about to hit.

As far as gameplay goes, it's simple but decent for a click and shoot game. It's pretty easy for the most part but it would still be nice to continue from the start of the level instead of restarting the entire game each time you die. The sounds are annoying and redundant and the effects are almost nonexistent.

And for a horror game everything is so bright! Make the environment and monsters a lot darker.

There are a few good things, like the camera moves very smoothly and there is a nice variety of enemies. The game could be a lot better with some more work and content.


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