Dwarf Fortress is a single-player fantasy game. You can control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated, persistent world. The world is randomly generated with distinct civilizations spanning over 1000 years of detailed history, dozens of towns, hundreds of caves and regions with various wildlife. Command your dwarves as they search for wealth in the mountain. Play an adventurer and explore, quest for glory or seek vengeance. Extended ASCII character set rendered in 16 colors (including black) as well as 8 background colors (including black). Although Dwarf Fortress is still in a work in progress, many features have already been implemented. Please post all support issues in the forums for the game.

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The complexity and depth of this game is unrivaled. Also the ASCII graphics aren't bad. After some point they get way more clearer than the other tilesets.


It's absolutely required that you use a tutorial or read the manual to get into, but once you get into it you'll never escape.

Dwarf Fortress is fun, whilst having a high learning curve, it takes a while to get the basic game but months to master every bit of content, dying is a main aspect of the game, it will happen alot, wether it be a dwarf uprising or a legendary rabbit. The game itself is alot of fun, I have played it for a few hours at a time and being able to create your own fortress from the ground up and defend it from seiges and the odd amount of angry elves who decided to attack because I chopped down every tree in the entire area gives a real sense of adrenaline. The game also has an optional "Adventure Mode" that plays out like the old ASCII game "Nethack" however this mode is far supperior because of the sheer size of land that you can generate to adventure upon. In conclusion this has to be one of the most played indie games I own and I have loved every moment of it

Cutting peoples hands then feet off is so satisfying.

This game is a feat of human achievement. I lack the words to do it justice.

DF is a game that I can't believe I haven't found sooner. It may look a bit daunting on the outside, but, if you approach it with patience and a willingness to absorb its satisfying mechanics and lush attention to detail, you may find what is as close as possible to a religious experience in video games.

However, the game in its current state, despite its insanely good idea, might only warrant a 9/10 from me, simply due to the various issues it has (crashes and some UI snags, among others), and the fact that it has loads of potential not quite yet realized.

The project in its goal state, though, (to be a complete fantasy simulator) is an unequivocal 10/10, even with graphics that some might consider lazy. This game is the closest I've ever seen one come to the pipe-dream of a fantasy simulator, and I highly recommend trying it and supporting the developer.

This is truly a game amongst games. It is the wellspring from which inspiration for so many other cames poured forth, including the well-known Minecraft. There are even a few other games here on Desura wherein shades of DF may be found.

Gather your refugee band of dwarves (which you can just about custom-build as detailed as you please) and do all those cool things dwarves are traditionally known for - digging, mining, building, and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. The level of detail in the management of your personnel is staggering - there are dozens of skills influenced by a dozen more attributes, and individual personality quirks of each dwarf... which sometimes will really make a difference.

Furthermore, it's fair to say that this game - which is free - is actually three games in one. An epic solo RPG, (adventurer mode) a citybuilding simulation that dwarfs (har har) others of its class, (fortress mode) and then there's the beat-em-up version. (arena mode)

The graphics made it a little hard to get into, but that's why the Lazy Newb Pack includes some skins. I must say it helps matters tremendously.

Not a game for the faint of heart or the deficit of attention, but surely a must-play for the discriminating gamer. (Or those micromanager types, you know who you are!)

I have never spent so much time on one video game. When I am not playing it, I am designing more and more complicated fortresses. Just when I think I have the most secure fortress I have ever built, I delve too deep into the admantine...

It is simply amazing.

A very addicting game once you learn the menus.

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