Long ago, the Dark Lord Dredmor was bound in the darkest dungeons beneath the earth by great and mighty heroes. Centuries later, the magical bonds that hold him in place are loosening and his power grows ever stronger. The land cries out for a new hero, a powerful warrior or a mystic wizard like those spoken of in the prophecies of yore. What they have, unfortunately, is you. Step into the Dungeons of Dredmor! Embrace your destiny! Face evil of the likes the world has never known - the terrifying Swarmies, the undulating Thrusties, and the adoreable nest-building Diggles. Wield shoes decorated by the Dwarven Glittersmiths, all of whom have now committed suicide because of their shame, and embrace the joys of destroying giant moustache-wielding brick demons with a mace decorated with tawdry, delicious bacon. While you’re at it, be prepared to die. A lot. In hideous, screaming pain that makes you throw your keyboard out the window. The Dungeons await. Are you ready for them?

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3 Durandal1707

Mar 1st, 2012 0 people agree 4 people don't

Retro is one thing... actually using bad design techniques from 20 years ago is another entirely.

While some of the humor is entertaining... that lasts about 2 minutes and you're forced to endure a gawd awful boring and repetitive game.

AdmiralDan says
3 AdmiralDan

Oct 24th, 2011

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