Duke Nukem will bring his signature brand of babe-lovin', cigar-smoking, beer-chugging and ass-kicking action as he once again saves the Earth and our babes from hordes of invading aliens...next year.

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Forget what critics such as IGN have said. Play the game and decide for yourself. I found the game extremely fun. It's not as good as Duke3d, but it is still fun. The graphics aren't that important because of the really fun gameplay.

I'm giving sir Duke here a 9 out of 10.

My reasons.

-I personally enjoyed it, and didn't think it was horrid like more "professional" critics think. Though it is not better than DN3D -Pick DN3D up on your smartphone if you have one. :D-

-It looks fine, If you want Graphics like Crysis II, then get Crysis II The Visuals are up to par with modern standards on how shooters looks.

-It has a good size campaign

-there are negatives like a linear campaign, limited weapon slots, and regenerating health, and long loading times. but that's in the eye of the beholder. Personally none of those bother me.

End: I personally enjoyed myself this time around with Duke,I had no expectations at all when playing it, so I was not Disappointed. I say give this a rent, or play on a friends computer, and if you like it, pick it up!

Despite of the graphic compartment not so good and the many, long, loading pages this game pump up the Duke Nukem character bringing him to the top! Great ending for a great character!

After waiting years waiting for the sequel to the game Duke Nukem 3D comes Duke Nukem Forever, the Halo-like based game which you get into Duke's steeltoe boots once again. This time the aliens led by the devious Cycloid Emperor, which was killed in the first game, return for revenge on Earth. All I can say is that the plot isnt as impressive as it looks but the effects, game AI and physics make it all good. Anyway, the game begins with what any other comedic game would begin with; taking a ****. You then proceed to the very very detailed remake of the last boss battle from the original DN3D.

As you continue through the building, as Duke is a superstar after DN3D, you can mess around. Anyway the games fascinating in a way no one could figure out and so we continue the game until you make it to the second boss the Queen Alien. After that you dream of being in a strip club and must collect some sexual items before going to get a lap dance from some chick. Anyway to end the rest of the game completly good with great landscape and detail. So I end my review giving Duke Nukem Forever a 9/10...doesnt mean the game isnt bad, the game does have long loading screens, multiplayer thats awkward and of course to top it off...annoying characters. I like Duke Nukem Forever doesnt mean you need to love it or hate it. You can like it or hate it in your own way no matter what the reviews say...so I'm Kritter reporting out.


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