Duke Nukem will bring his signature brand of babe-lovin', cigar-smoking, beer-chugging and ass-kicking action as he once again saves the Earth and our babes from hordes of invading aliens...next year.

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Remember Duke Nukem 3D with its fun gameplay and humorous one-liners? Well it's like that in Duke Nukem Forever.

Despite the harsh criticism it received from the likes of Gamespot, as well as other reviewers out there, this isn't the best, nor the worst game out there this year.

Reviewers have complained that it's terribly outdated, too difficult, has bad AI, amongst other things. But that's the whole beauty of it. While games such as Crysis, Battlefield and Call of Duty are going for a more realistic approach, Duke Nukem Forever takes you back to the good old days of the FPS genre.

Fans will enjoy this game, but remember to get this game on PC unless you enjoy long loading times.

All the reviews are jokes and i now read them as such, i read them and laugh because they missed the entire point of this game, not only is it a nostalgia fest, but a great throw back to when shooters were longer then 4 hours, and when multiplayer was about blowing **** up, not killstreaks and attachments. Ive been enjoying this game since i bought it, and im glad i did buy it. Probly the best game on my Steam list right now, as for that LONG LOAD crap, thats consoles only, and even Gearbox themselves said this was made to play on a PC. hence why PC was used to showcase it. Dont like the load times? Get it for PC? And if you cant take it as a chance to go chug a beer then go back sit down and shut up. The loading if i had to sit through it would still be worth the content i get to experience when i hit my spacebar to start a level. The king is back, and its a shame most of you dont even realize, this is no more mature then Duke 3D was. So dont complain its juvenille, of course it is ITS DUKE! what the hell did you expect? Play it before you judge it, heres looking at you IGN. You failed us all review sites. Tons of content, worth the full price. and it was in 12 years of development hell, not, i repeat NOT BEING DEVELOPED FOR THE WHOLE 12 YEARS! So dont even try and use that as a complaint, this game was better then what i was expecting it to be, im happy with my purchase and i highly recommend this game as a nice break from all the modern war games. Long live the duke. And lets hope for another duke game, one made from scratch this time, Gearbox did a great job with what they had cant wait to see a game made fully by them added to this series. Good job Gearbox.

Disappointing graphics, clunky controls, terrible lag online but Duke is still a badass, the game's got tons of adult content and there's quite a bit of refreshing variation in map design and content.

I just finished the game and i wasn't disappointed at all. It's longer than most new FPS games and i say that there is still plenty of fight left in Duke Nukem.

Good game, i dont understand ppl, from metacritic.

history can be stupid and extremely easy even on the highest difficulty, the graphics a bit outdated for the year, the quicktime events are just silly to break your keyboard, but who cares ...

the game is super fun and addictive, there are days that I've done it twice, and still wanted to play it again.

I found this rather fun.

There. I said it.

It was fun.

Was it a good game?

Hell no!

Was it a bad game?

No again!

It's a game you turn your brain off to enjoy. It's a guilty pleasure, nothing more, nothing less. I don't rate games by how good I think they are, I rate them by how much fun I had playing them.

It was difficult, crude, riddled with bugs and dated. But I think half the charm playing the game was seeing the game progress through so many different changes in the FPS industry, from vibrant surroundings to derelict and grey sewers.

The DLC was fantastic and was really a tip of the hat to fans of the original Duke Nukem rather then it's 3D sequel, and something like that isn't something you should put down.

Above all, it's been a rough decade with Duke, and it didn't end as well as it should have. For what it is, it's a trip back to the days when FPS's were very interactive considering the technology available (With games nowadays being joyrides of static environments such as COD and battlefield with an over abundance of destruction) and surprisingly difficult fights with varied enemies. It's not gold or a sign from god, nor is it the bane of our existence or the sign of Armageddon. it's a half-finished game that landed in the hands of a team that didn't really know what they were doing, but tried their best regardless.

I think I said enough, You love it, you hate it, or you see it as neither.

It's a guilty pleasure. And those looking for cheeky fun from a time that wasn't as serious should be pleased with this game :)

It's been a while since this game came out. Based off what I remember from it, we're left at a bit of an impasse when it comes to Duke Nukem: we've wanted it for so long, and now we were finally presented with it, ten years later and perhaps ten years more mature than when we first tackled this 90s gaming icon. What we get left with is an odd mixture of style: it's still DN3D in some way, as the enemies are actually difficult to beat and we get tons of fan service drawn from the earlier games, but the modern market has crept its way in, with the many times maligned two-gun system and regenerating hea-er, I mean...EGO, alongside linear map design. So these two styles mash together and try to be both different and the same at the same time, which makes the game feel rather weird, since it really never is just one and never is it both. Weapons for me felt a little bit constrained versus the other Duke games; nothing is quite as outrageous or powerful as the guns once were. It's quite a detriment. The story isn't anything to write home about, which results in the ultimate defeat of the Emperor a second time for all the people who remember DN way back when, but it conveys what it needs to and propels the action forward, making it a nice background piece, since that's obviously what it's striving for with set pieces like destroying the Hoover Dam and being shrunk down to the size of a figurine, then being forced to jump over grilling hamburgers at a fast food restaurant. And Duke is still Duke, so no matter what the school marms on the internet have to say about it, he'll slap a boob and get a lap dance because that's what he is and does, no two ways about it.

Overall, was it anything to write home about? No. Was it as terrible as the big name reviewers said it was? Hell no; they just want more Call of Duty and Battlefield multiplayer half the time, so who cares about them anymore? Is this a good middle ground title? Maybe, maybe not. It's all in the taste of the player.


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