Duke Nukem will bring his signature brand of babe-lovin', cigar-smoking, beer-chugging and ass-kicking action as he once again saves the Earth and our babes from hordes of invading aliens...next year.

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Worst game ever. Ok, changed my rating from 1 to 5. I must have been really ****** off when did that. Well, that´s how I feel everytime I play this game, frustrated and ****** off.

There is something wrong here... I don't mean the horrendously long development time and all the jokes its suffered over the years... but the game that we ended up getting.

It seems like 3d realms just took some idea from the previous game (duketalk, enemies and weapons) and did nothing to improve on it. Same enemies and same weapons, only difference is, Duke has more to say this time around.

Everything new like Regenerating health & 2 weapon limitation,
just seems to me that who ever made this thing forgot what made Duke great. It was the multilayered level design! Here theres no secrets to find or optional routes to take.
2 weapon limitation makes certain weapons useless because you need 1 that has decent ammunition as well as one that fires explosives to take on bosses. Guns like the shrink ray will see zero use... not to mention less guns means LESS FUN.
Then theres things like Duke commenting on how the Power Armor from master chief is for pussies... yet Duke health regenerates like power armor. Retarded.
Duke says "I hate valve puzzles", yet we are forced to do them anyway.
Then theres the lame turret sections.

Heres what we got

+High level of interactivity
+Hearing Dukes voice again, and boy does he have alot more to say this time around
+A few vehicle sections where fun although would have preffered to shoot and drive at once
+Average storyline with some jokes that are funny while others are hit and miss.

-Linear & bland level design
-functional but bland gameplay
-Health regeneration ruins what challenge it could have had
-2 weapon limitation
-Really bad puzzles that feel out of place
-Lame turret sections
-Unplayable mini games, something as simple as pinball barely works
-The 4 new weapons are some generic alien ones
-Only one new boss
-No Jetpack in single player

+A recently released patch allows for Duke to carry 4 weapons. So thank god Gearbox came to their senses, but even so, it feels like only a SDK can save this game.

2 weapon limit, childish jokes, poorly designed maps, uninteresting driving sequences.

Duke Nukem doesn't look like a bad *** anymore, more like a retard...


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