Duke Nukem will bring his signature brand of babe-lovin', cigar-smoking, beer-chugging and ass-kicking action as he once again saves the Earth and our babes from hordes of invading aliens...next year.

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Despite of the graphic compartment not so good and the many, long, loading pages this game pump up the Duke Nukem character bringing him to the top! Great ending for a great character!


After waiting years waiting for the sequel to the game Duke Nukem 3D comes Duke Nukem Forever, the Halo-like based game which you get into Duke's steeltoe boots once again. This time the aliens led by the devious Cycloid Emperor, which was killed in the first game, return for revenge on Earth. All I can say is that the plot isnt as impressive as it looks but the effects, game AI and physics make it all good. Anyway, the game begins with what any other comedic game would begin with; taking a ****. You then proceed to the very very detailed remake of the last boss battle from the original DN3D.

As you continue through the building, as Duke is a superstar after DN3D, you can mess around. Anyway the games fascinating in a way no one could figure out and so we continue the game until you make it to the second boss the Queen Alien. After that you dream of being in a strip club and must collect some sexual items before going to get a lap dance from some chick. Anyway to end the rest of the game completly good with great landscape and detail. So I end my review giving Duke Nukem Forever a 9/10...doesnt mean the game isnt bad, the game does have long loading screens, multiplayer thats awkward and of course to top it off...annoying characters. I like Duke Nukem Forever doesnt mean you need to love it or hate it. You can like it or hate it in your own way no matter what the reviews say...so I'm Kritter reporting out.

I didn`t played this but I`m putting my signature here...

I`m a Duke Nukem 3D player, and I loved every single part of it. I finished collecting Doom engine games (yes I`m a huge Doomer) I will be collecting Build engine games (I have Blood and Exhumer alongside Duke).

But back on topic. Don`t take this as a review because I wanna show you what I as Duke Nukem 3D fan and old school gamer think of this (and many of young gamers, sadly my age).

So Duke Nukem Forever is a long waited sequel to the Duke Nukem 3D made by 3D Realms as a parody of American action movie heroes.
This game is strongly similar to it. I watched videos of this game on YouTube and I must say it was awesome.
There is still that old Duke, aliens and women. Sexual content and lots of fun around.
I liked everything except:
- Levels were too linear when compared to Duke3D;
- Yellow glows and messages pointing you what to do, come on are we that stupid? Old games did not had pointers and made you turn on your brain and think instead of blindly getting into the action and do what messages say like most kids are doing these days;
- Duke carries less weapons than before and where the hell is inventory system?!
Graphics are great as well as gameplay. :)

(sorry for my english)
Verdict: yes, it's Duke, still kicking *****... But has grown old, rejuvenescence has forgotten to make, got bad habits (only 2 slots of the weapon, regenerating health). The gameplay not always interesting, the out-of-date graphics doesn't spoil impression, but design of levels not everywhere the good. IMHO - 7/10

2 weapon limit, childish jokes, poorly designed maps, uninteresting driving sequences.

Duke Nukem doesn't look like a bad *** anymore, more like a retard...

OLOLOLOLOLOL LETS PUT DUKE IN A GAME, THAT'LL BE R8 FUNNY. Bad game, outdated character and god awful humour.

This game might not have been in development for 14 years, but its hype was.

People were expecting it to not live up to its expectations of the perfect game, but they were sort of expecting that it would save the FPS genre by bringing some old school action back into the industry which is currently being dominated by the terrible thing that is modern shooters (Call Of Duty style games). Instead, all people got was some generic health regen game with Duke's charm stamped into it.

It might be nice to have Duke back after all this time, it might be funny sometimes, but it's not worth the $50, the lack of modding support for an Unreal engine game, the DLC they're gonna make you pay for, and the generally awful linear shooting sequences.

Have you heard the game has a 2 Weapon limit? At every moment the game is gonna handle you infinite ammo crates and specific guns for specific situations. There's no more "Mighty Boot" (The Kick), except for quick time events. Exploration is non-existant. The ending was out-of-context and nonsensical. There's never gonna be more than 3 ~ 4 enemies on screen, all the guns (8 in total) are recycled from older Duke Nukem Titles and dumbed down (the only decent gun is the shotgun, Nothing else is worth using). The gameplay is repetitive and the puzzles the game has try to copy Half-life 2's physic ones, it has driving sequences and unskippable ingame cutscenes which all serve as padding.

A $50 generic shooter which uses Duke Nukem as it's way to sell.
Avoid it.


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