The demons came and the marines died. Except one. Your are the last defence against these hell-spawned hordes. Prepare for the most intense mutant-laden, blood-splattered action ever! The texture-mapped virtual world is so real, you don't just play DOOM - you live it.

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Well after completing most of episode ones environments, and then bug fixing them based on your feedback, work has re started on episode four and three. The city levels in episode four will be based upon levels found in the early versions of doom 2, combined with new areas. And did i mention that episode four will be an open world level. Thats right, no pauses or exits for loading, only seamless game play. Episode four will contain several new concept levels like, the waste treatment plant.

This level features a interesting mechanic where you have to raise and lower the level of blood in the treatment plant to access the keycard, and to escape the area. Also in this a portion of the city will use an early version of doom twos downtown.

Screenshot Doom 20151123 083930Screenshot Doom 20151123 084004

This will be a pitched battle for control of Luna city and its mass driver, so prepare to see the first non dead space marines, and civilians fleeing from the fighting or making a stand for their home. Also there might be a sentient computer that talks to you from time to time in this as well.

Now on to episode 3

Screenshot Doom 20151123 084138Screenshot Doom 20151123 084105

Episode 3, mission one is actually a interesting idea for a level. Take the alpha 0.4 version of e1m1, and smash it together with doom 2s famous map01. And you get E3M1 Starport. A very crowded combat heavy level with alarms ringing in the players ears the entire time, computers failing due to hell taking over, a sky red with fire, and most importantly well lit outdoor areas. Its going to be a fun episode to create for sure, so look forward to it in Doom the Tei Tenga Incident: Beta Two.

Until Next time


Doom history in the making

Doom history in the making

3 weeks ago Doom:the Tei-Tenga Incident 8 comments

A short discussion on the first beta of doom the tei tenga incident, and the creation of the first doom bible mod with a complete first episode

Little patch

Little patch

3 weeks ago Brutal Doom Redemption 0 comments

Well its only just so people won't get bored and a few things I wanted to change.

ALIENS: The Ultimate Doom (TC) [BETA 9.0] Preview

ALIENS: The Ultimate Doom (TC) [BETA 9.0] Preview

1 month ago Aliens: The Ultimate Doom (TC) 7 comments

Here are some screen shots of the new xenomorph sprites, in addition to some new custom textures. These will be in the next upcoming update.

Doom the tei tenga incident beta 1 Preview

Doom the tei tenga incident beta 1 Preview

1 month ago Doom:the Tei-Tenga Incident 2 comments

Talking about the change to the first beta and the nearing of a doom bible mod milestone.

Doom RPG Themed Levels

Doom RPG Themed Levels

1 week ago Full Version 4 comments

A Doom mod that contains Doom RPG -Java like- textures. It contains 3 heavily balanced levels. You can make each ammo count or find the secrets and blast...

Doom The Tei Tenga Incident BETA 1

Doom The Tei Tenga Incident BETA 1

3 weeks ago Doom:the Tei-Tenga Incident Demo 11 comments

The first beta of doom the tei tenga incident, the first doom bible mod to release a complete episode. Notes ~added Grenades ~Removed kdizd Grenade launcher...

Akimbo 2 High resolution weapon sprites

Akimbo 2 High resolution weapon sprites

1 month ago Patch 0 comments

Note: You require at least 1gb ram to run it properly. Long story made short, this patch doubles the sprites resolution thanks to Hirestex implementation...

Akimbo 2 (1.0 Final)

Akimbo 2 (1.0 Final)

1 month ago Full Version 0 comments

The final version of this mod. Includes up to 36 weapons, 3 campaigns made with Oblige level maker and tons of fun ;) Note: the included levels uses Doom.wad...

Half-Life 2 Weapons RIP 2.0 (Final) Fixed

Half-Life 2 Weapons RIP 2.0 (Final) Fixed

1 month ago Full Version 0 comments

Final release of this mod, fixed for multiplayer. Improved several Decorates, added brightmaps, and improved Bot's behaviour. Compatible with Skulltag...

Version 2 Development Test Just For You Guys!!!

Version 2 Development Test Just For You Guys!!!

1 month ago MaxCraft Of DOOM's Brutal Doom Demo 2 comments

well this is a good idea. i am having a lot of idea problems! this is why im releasing a dev tet because people can help me out.

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Sajt Sep 12 2003 says:

Whooo a great game with a great super shotgun (Doom 2)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Steven_Chapman_Rocks Aug 29 2003 says:

this game is totally agan, evil.....EVIL

it rocks aside from its totally EVIL!!!


+1 vote     reply to comment
Sajt Jul 17 2003 says:

EarthQuake: It's a Quake symbol. Nuff said :)

Oh, and correction, if you want a mod with slopes and transparencies and all that, you'll use QUAKE.

And yes, I wish they'd use normal Doom screenshots instead of this high resolution thing and a GL one.

And one more yes: The Doom2 super shotgun is the best weapon in a game, ever.

+1 vote     reply to comment
leilei May 7 2003 says:

It's software, which is a godo thing. Doesn't bastardtize the game.

+1 vote     reply to comment
EarthQuake May 6 2003 says:

Sorry, I guess I didn't make it clear...

I know all about those source ports but they are not what I'm looking for...

I don't want an engine with 3D acceleration, or sprite transparencies, or dynamic lighting. Those just take away the Doom atmosphere.

Another thing about these ports are that they implement jumping (which can let you access things ur not supposed to on the old Doom levels), True 3D, which may look cool, but it just doesn't appeal to my tastes and make the game much more unstable (this is Doom, not Quake), and mouselooking. These things just make Doom like... Quake.

If I wanted to make a mod with slanted slopes, transparencies, and True3D, I'd start with Half-Life or Unreal.
I just want to update Doom95 to make a better experience, and not to make it more technologically advanced...

I don't know if you can see through my eyes, but I've always wanted a worryfree game, and Doom was my answer. 10 Years have passed, and I think its time to update Classic Doom.

+1 vote     reply to comment
the_heretic May 5 2003 says:

Hey earthquake, ive visited ur site a few times in the past. All those things u mentioned have been done near perfectly, player of player, true 3d, visplane limitations removed, resolutions higher than 1024x768, powerful and convenient launchers etc. Check out and look up source ports. Theres legacy (which im modding for at moment, look up Hellmouth) Jdoom (which is fantastic in other areas, with great md2/3 support) , Edge, ZdoomGl (with slopes and particles)
Non off these take away the classicness or beauty that is doom, just has more options for your playing pleasure. Doom95 is nothing in comparison. Now you can play doom without wasting your modern hardware.

Look it up, and you will be pleased. Im very surprised you did'nt know of any of this ; at least thats how you've come across.

+1 vote     reply to comment
EarthQuake May 5 2003 says:

...and mine as well.

This may be offtopic, but have they released the Doom II source for windows? I know that it was originally for Linux, but someone ported it to windows.
Also, have they released the source code for Doom95?
Doom95 has the best interface of them all, and someday, I'd like to make a port which increase limits, such as screen resolutions, facecounts, spritecounts, and fix a few more things, such as player over player, adjust the player speeds, and fix the Doom95 demo bug.
My goal: fix Doom up, without changing the simple pleasures.

Can I get an AMEN?! Right on.

+1 vote     reply to comment
the_heretic May 3 2003 says:

Well I think the source mods should be displayed, show ppl how cool doom is lookin now, and that it even more qualifies to be played today. Now it is silky smooth open gl and true 3d, and theres many sites, clans, communities and thousands of active doomers out there. Dont forget the awesome multiplayer software that makes it easy to play online with competitions etc. And the countless thousands of wads. A stronger community than is quake, for the emotional impact this has had after 9 years.
DooM is my life

+1 vote     reply to comment
pimpstar4ever Apr 24 2003 says:

if you guys still want to play a classic you write back and we setup

+1 vote     reply to comment
EarthQuake Apr 11 2003 says:

SeienAbunae: Heh, would you believe me if i said I downloaded a Quake font, made it red, and put it out of focus?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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maaaan this is damm old... But guess what? I love it! This new generation faggots that judges a game because of the graphics... --''' they are going to burn in hell for saying such absurd!

Doom is FOREVER!

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