Let the Obsession begin. Again. This time, the entire forces of the netherworld have overrun Earth. To save her, you must descend into the stygian depths of Hell itself! Battle mightier, nastier, deadlier demons and monsters. Use more powerful weapons. Survive more mind-blowing explosions and more of the bloodiest, fiercest, most awesome blastfest ever! Play DOOM II solo, with two people over a modem, or with up to four players over a LAN (supporting IPX protocol). No matter which way you choose, get ready for adrenaline-pumping, action-packed excitement that's sure to give your heart a real workout.

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Doom AND Doom 2 were the grand daddy of the FPS you see today. Id Software planned just the way we like. And believe me, without Doom, then the FPS you know, Far Cry, Crysis, Call of Duty, won't exist. The level designs were perfect. The enemies are in the places easy to play through. You get to use stronger weapons when trying to **** the bosses. Doom mixes sci-fi and horror, giving it a much more fun experience. If Moddb allows it, I would've rated a 100/10!

beat it for the first time earlier today. the greatest game ever made. the guns the monsters the music the levels the atmosphere. games like this are why i play video games

The First Doom was a Hell of a battle, but this is war.

Doom II is my favorite IWAD and I enjoy running around cities, star ports, and hell. Fighting so many zombies and demons with 8 weapons to carry.

I also like the re-arrangement of playing 30-32 levels straight instead of three or four episodes.

So many PWADs to try out, so little time. And I'm ready for Multiplayer on Zandronum.

Favorite Level: Most of the levels

Favorite Themes: The Demon's Dead, Into sandy's city, and Countdown to Death.

cool game!

A great game!
Gotta love it!

Coolest **** ever

One of the best childhood game ever. I still play it and I am going to make a future revolutionary modification with my friends and my brother Apollo. This game never gets old and it'll never die because Doom goes on forever, period. 10 out of 10 bretty gud ;)

It's Doom 2 , damnit.

One of the grand fathers of the FPS .

Do i even need to say more ?

Not as good as the original because of the at-times confusing map layout, Doom II is still an amazing game that never finds itself getting old.

Made it's first appearance back in 1993 and was the very first FPS game to implement the game mode Deathmatch which fired up other games, DOOM Is the Grandpa of every FPS game that exists today, it is still As brilliant as ever !! DOOM Never gets old !!!

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