The Old God has left the world and the pretenders are awakening and coming out from hiding. You start the game by designing one of the pretender gods that will compete for true ascension to godhood. The type of god can range from a magically powerful arch mage to an ancient kraken or a mystic monolith that people pray to. Your pretender controls one of over sixty different nations and with the help of that nation he will spread his word and battle the other pretenders. Dominions 3 is a turn based strategy game. You can play single- or multiplayer (1 - 23 players) with simultaneous turns. There are more than 1500 different units, 600 spells and 300 magic items in the game. The game also features a medieval musical score by Erik Ask Uppmark and Anna Rynefors, both awarded the title of Musicians of the Realm by the Swedish Zornmärkeskommiten. Dominions 3 is a highly detailed game and a 300 page pdf manual is included in the download.

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Jun 29 2013, 10:10am Anchor

Ahh the spoils of war. My very own tiger rider. The last of it's kind! Don't worry Bandar, we'll keep him safe and sound :D

Jun 29 2013, 10:29am Anchor

Lol! So that's what happened to him.

Hide your pets everyone!

Jun 29 2013, 11:15am Anchor

He switched sides! Ermor's priests can be VERY persuasive.

Jun 29 2013, 1:21pm Anchor

Wow I didn't know there was this much banter going on. Games on Shrapnel are much quieter.

The super expansion for Caelum wasn't due to stalled neighbors so much as lots and lots of mammoths. Wasn't really slowed down by the Indy 7 settings as much as a lot of other people.

Also, if you're looking for someone to be afraid off, I won't name any names but their troops smell like 3 day old Haddock...

Jun 29 2013, 6:11pm Anchor

This tiger could make a nice bodyguard :) lucky you

Jun 29 2013, 8:21pm Anchor

Well, Ermor is only a short term threat -- have a look at his research. Caelum is looking more dangerous long term. But... you have to survive the short term to see the long term!

Jun 29 2013, 8:42pm Anchor

MA Ermor starts out slow on the research because Grand Thaumaturgs tend to get turned into longdead horse manufactories. It's easier to catch up with them than you think.

Jun 29 2013, 11:07pm Anchor

Yes listen to Ocho who is wise. Ermor is the biggest short term AND long term threat. :)

Bullock@dom3 wrote:This tiger could make a nice bodyguard :) lucky you

Just don't try to use it in any magic shows and you should be safe.

Jun 30 2013, 12:06am Anchor

Some people turn live horses into glue, we turn dead horses into KILLING MACHINES >:C *METALLLL*

Jun 30 2013, 12:19am Anchor

jazzepi wrote:He switched sides! Ermor's priests can be VERY persuasive.

Lol. And the worst part is their victims retain commander status. Which I discovered to my dismay early one game when I lost a kitted out Ri and had him turned right around to start raiding me.

Jun 30 2013, 6:57am Anchor

12h postpone for atlantis & shinu

Jun 30 2013, 8:22am Anchor

Valerius. wrote:

jazzepi wrote:He switched sides! Ermor's priests can be VERY persuasive.

Lol. And the worst part is their victims retain commander status. Which I discovered to my dismay early one game when I lost a kitted out Ri and had him turned right around to start raiding me.

I think it's only appropriate. That single tiger rider held a fort all by himself. His fat ass managed to get stuck right in the entrance with body ethereal on!

Edited by: jazzepi

Jun 30 2013, 8:48am Anchor

so in other words, my plan to fend off powerful enemies with horrors is totally useless? Figures...

It's funny that my backup plan (Fire! Fire Fire! hehheh hehheh) is what a normal Abysian player would use as his first plan...

Jun 30 2013, 10:45am Anchor

In MA? No way, I go straight for those sweet bloody prizes. Especially when there aren't any other blood players around.

Jun 30 2013, 10:51am Anchor

Blood economies are best started mid game :C Not right off the bat. Especially when Abysia has such great combat mages.

Jun 30 2013, 12:51pm Anchor

I was worried about someone trying to rush me with sacreds or early thugs. I didn't trust fire to handle them... my mistake apparently, whoops. But I'm in the process of correcting it :)

Jun 30 2013, 3:16pm Anchor

Abysia's blood mages are cap only, though. If you're gonna get started, it's best to do it earlier rather than later IMO.

Jul 1 2013, 6:59pm Anchor

And... blood slaves roast nicely, don't they? Oooops...

Jul 1 2013, 8:49pm Anchor

The most delicious of meals. Fresh roast blood slaves!

Jul 2 2013, 1:26am Anchor

I can smell that mess from up here. Gonna have to equip my sentinels with giant fans...

Jul 2 2013, 7:47am Anchor

That's very Asian of you! How fitting!

Jul 2 2013, 6:07pm Anchor

Hi guys... im losing badly and i find it hard to keep up with the turns coz im on vacation...
I would normally look for a sub... but tbh my position is hopeless and i doubt a human player will do amy better...

Lost all my armies and my only thug...

Descision is in the admins hand, sadly i dont have the time to look for a sjub myself.


Jul 2 2013, 7:16pm Anchor

Ye ok Oga turn AI.

Jul 3 2013, 7:26am Anchor

Well that's discouraging -- his position is better than mine! Or at least it seems to be from the charts. Does Shinu still have its capital?

Jul 3 2013, 9:12am Anchor

He has the fort, but there's a stack of winter wolves and yazads standing on it. I wonder who those might belong to? :P

Edited by: SenorOcho

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