Hellfire is the first official Diablo add-on. It is based on the original Diablo code and offers two new dungeons, a new character class, new weapons, armor, spells, potions, monsters, quests, and a number of improvements to the standard Diablo interface. Hellfire runs as an enhancement to the original Diablo, and not as a standalone "mission pack." You'll need the Diablo CD to run the new levels, and it enhances single-player mode only. There is talk of a future multiplayer patch, and although multiplayer hack programs exist, officially this is a single player game only. Hellfire improves the existing Diablo levels, while also adding original areas and items. Players can now select the difficulty level for single-player games. In nightmare mode, the creatures gain increased armor class and resistance, as well as three times their normal health plus another 100. Rewards are also increased; you gain 10 times the experience you would normally gain and 10 times the gold. In...

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The Hell, v1.198
Diablo Hellfire

The Hell, v1.198

Apr 15, 2015 Diablo: The Hell Full Version (139.86mb) 1 comment

The Hell mod, for Hellfire (PC), by Mordor & TH team

Music Expansion v7.0, part 2
Diablo Hellfire

Music Expansion v7.0, part 2

Oct 27, 2013 Diablo: The Hell Music (134.62mb) 0 comments

This music pack will provide extra music played in some quest areas. Will work with TH versions 1.180+

Music Expansion, v7.0, part 1
Diablo Hellfire

Music Expansion, v7.0, part 1

Apr 11, 2013 Diablo: The Hell Music (1,023.91mb) 0 comments

This is Music Expansion version 6.1 Recommended for versions 1.153+ It's been re-compiled to take less space and get rid of unused materials Plus, it...

High Quality Music
Diablo Hellfire

High Quality Music

May 1, 2011 Diablo Hellfire: Special Edition Full Version (44.34mb) 0 comments

It's compressed so it weights less but when unpacked it's supposed to be about 70-80mb. Hellfire music converted into HQ.

Diablo Hellfire
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