The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly, killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor grows ever wider. Worst of all, an ages old conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and take control. No one believes they exist. No one but you.

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A month of recovery and mobilizing a good handful of changes. Here's what got done:
- Atlas modeled and given a demo video.
* Post demo video changes:
- Increased damage from 15 to 16. Order sniper still deals 18 by comparison.
- Increased accuracy very slightly.
- Rebalanced recoil considerably.
- Fixed a bug with mag range on the weapon (it was Slugger based)
- See broad spectrum rebalancing: Muzzle Brake

- Oso modeled and given a demo video.
* Post demo video changes:
- Recoil increased due to short firing animations
- Pellet spread accuracy decreased by 1.25%
- Slug accuracy increased by 2.5%
- Capacity decreased by 1
- See broad spectrum rebalancing: Suppressors and Muzzle Brake

-Broad spectrum rebalancing:
+ Tier 1 suppressors no longer reduce damage 15%, but subsonics do. Tier 1 & 2 suppressors still reduce accuracy
+ Muzzle brakes now reduce recoil by 75% on proc instead of reducing by 100%.
+ High Velocity rounds now (in addition to adding 50% base damage for increased wear-and-tear, cost, and skill requirement) decrease jam rate by 2%, but increase recoil by 35%.
+ Subsonic rounds now (in addition to reducing noise output by 45-55% for decreased damage and increased cost and skill requirement) increase jam rate by 2%, but decrease recoil by 15%.

- Gust Rifle base damage increased from 13 to 15. Originally the Order Sniper had 13 damage, but now has 18. The Atlas .50 has 16. The Gust Rifle was buffed to make sure it was still put in the same tier as sniper weapons, and with proper parts can be damage buffed as high as 19 base damage.

It is ALSO worth noting that the Gust Rifle's 19mm munition is only half as modular as the .50 cartridge, meaning potential max damage is as high as 28 for the Gust Rifle, but as high as 36 for the Order Sniper.

- Fixed weird crashes related to one particular ability in the ability pool of Hatchet.
-Increased function quality in multiplayer testing for Hatchet. We also expanded the test environment to aid testing.
* NPCs no longer produce super fast rapid swings with melee in MP. This was a weird bug related to the 2 part code needed to bridge NPCs in MP.
* Pump action weapons no longer pump for no reason on reload begin.
* Pump action weapons now PROPERLY pump after finishing reloading

- Fixed rare, bad stat assignment and broken stacking for crafting parts generated inside crates.
- Fixed unnecessary position reset of disassemble screen for Pickups and Ammos. Now you can break down continuously and without interruption.

-Fixed an odd bug causing salvaged weapon parts made of carbon fiber to never return a material. A base case of "CarbonFiber" vs "Carbon Fiber" and hence a return of none.
-Fixed the way automatic weapons jam. It was hard to tell until the Atlas showed up (slam-fire is technically a form of automatic, scripting wise), it was hard to tell with weapons that held 20-60ish rounds and could put out 8-13 rounds per second with ease. Long story short, post-jam, the weapon would fire, sometimes causing a "double fire", which in the case of of slam-fire caused not "Jam, Shoot, Pump Shoot" but "Jam, Shoot, Shoot Pump", so the code was addressed. This technically also means that automatic weapons jamming back to back won't force a new round to be fired at the end of a "jam chain". Nice to know. This likely also caused fire sound breakages for automatic weapons with very high ROF from "Double fire".
-Fixed bad message readouts and health distribution when some body parts would be healed per part. Hachet uses leftover points to heal other body parts in "heal all"'s limb order, but it would distribute bad messages and excessive health if the limb wasn't healed all the way in the process. Sorted out to all hell, and working flawlessly.

Hatchet Holiday Special #3: Mumble Rumble

Hatchet Holiday Special #3: Mumble Rumble

Hatchet 3 comments

Long story short, ModDB is screwing up handling my encoding for videos, and started doing so somewhere between parts 2 and 3. Merry franking christmas...

Hatchet Monthly Update January 2016

Hatchet Monthly Update January 2016

Hatchet 0 comments

A slow month for a recovering tennis elbow, but we don't believe in halts here at Hatchet. Here's what got done: -Some minor, yet important, debugging...



News 9 comments

GMDX is an award-winning large-scale modification for the 2000 PC classic Deus Ex. GMDX addresses the many flaws of the game, polishes it to a very high...



GMDX 15 comments

GMDX is an award-winning large-scale modification for the 2000 PC classic Deus Ex. GMDX addresses the many flaws of the game, polishes it to a very high...

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Terminus Machina 2.0

Terminus Machina 2.0

Terminus Machina Full Version 11 comments

At long last, a Terminus Machina update, complete with installer! I'm asking any TM fans out there, or anyone interested in playing a big, ambitious Deus...

GMDX v8.0 WITHOUT New Vision

GMDX v8.0 WITHOUT New Vision

GMDX Full Version 2 comments

GMDXv8.0 without the New Vision graphics mod bundled. For those that have data caps, may already own New Vision, or simply don't wish to use it. However...



Deus Ex Development Kit Full Version 70 comments

Experience Deus Ex pushed to its potential with GMDX. Also comes bundled with HDTP & New Vision graphics mods.

Redsun 2020 V1.13 (Zip)

Redsun 2020 V1.13 (Zip)

Redsun 2020 Full Version 0 comments

The final release of the mod Redsun 2020 - version 1.13. The zip version to overcome the "No DX" error.

Deus Ex: Total Graphic Overhaul

Deus Ex: Total Graphic Overhaul

Full Version 2 comments

As requested, this is an installer which couples both New Vision 1.5 and HDTP Release 3. Both will be installed, along with renderers (OpenGL/DX9/DX10...

"Fatal Weapon" Dead/Ghost Movers Fix

"Fatal Weapon" Dead/Ghost Movers Fix

Patch 0 comments

And there he stood, appeared once more from a screen of dense smoke. As always, WCCC showed up with some strange fascet or mini mod in hand, and many...

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Is it me or do all Eidos games have trapezoid-or-whatever-you-call-em shaped boxes? Tomb Raiders, Final fantasy 7, now this...

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you picked the boxy box? why not take the more triangular one.

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