Dead Space 3 brings Isaac Clarke and merciless soldier, John Carver, on a journey across space to discover the source of the Necromorph outbreak. Crash-landed on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, the pair must comb the harsh environment for raw materials and scavenged parts. Isaac will then put his engineering skills to the ultimate test to create and customize weapons and survival tools. The ice planet holds the key to ending the Necromorph plague forever, but first the team must overcome avalanches, treacherous ice-climbs, and the violent wilderness. Facing deadlier evolved enemies and the brutal elements, the unlikely pair must work together to save mankind from the impending apocalypse.

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The series feels like its still going strong even with some bad points.
While the characters seem stronger than before (with decent dialogue and good facial animations), the story feels move contrived then ever. In the last game I was willing to let it slide that the colony was able to recreate a alien marker (sophisticated alien technology of which has a genetic/artificial construct with a alien intelligence?), Clarke's role is shoe horned in, somewhat contrived.
Storyline goes into comical routes that I won't spoil here. It like previous games mostly relies on mystery to make the story interesting but when the reveals come they are forgettable.

The aliens however are heavily improved, theres a larger number of designs that take more inspiration from the spiritual inspiration of The Thing. The crafting has taken a huge overal, before it was just upgrade certain weapons, find some blueprints to buy one. Now its create them from scratch and the variety in this is HUGE.
Theres no hallucinations or subtle sounds, Issac seems pretty cool and calm the few times crazy stuff goes on. Visceral games aren't known for horror.

While weapon customization a big plus (engineering skills put to the test) but its universal ammo system pretty much makes running out of ammo a impossibility, but then again, the standard game has was never about survival horror. I suggest Pure Survival mode.

There are co-op only levels, why are they attempting to tailor this to the casual gamer crowd? The cover based shooting that lasts about 30 minutes or so about an hour into the game is a very small part of the game but feels tact on and out of place (and a very short sequence near the end).
Its not a natural extension of the combat which was all about being tackled by aliens, curbstomping, meleeing and cutting off limbs. Here you have convenient walls to hide.

+sounds are high quality
+less linear (side missions)
-Universal ammo
-not scary

Dead Space 3 to say the least is pretty fun, and epic at least in my opinion. While it isn't really that scary it is fun and can be a bit challanging at times, while the universal ammo system is neat it makes it almost impossible to run out of ammo and the fact that you can make your own ammo just adds to that. All in all Dead Space 3 is a fun game but does have its flaws.


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Dead Space 3 is not a bad game but it's worlds apart from the two previous installments. It lacks the horror elements, the mystery, the isolation you felt in DS1 and DS2.

-I liked how Clarke was a man of few words. I liked that you did not come across many NPC's and were most of the time alone. But, in DS3 they've turned Clarke into a totally new character. He comically commented on everything and he was roaming around the planet's installations like it was a ride in the park. I mean, come on. He survived two absolute horror scenarios, how can he be so apathetic? They could at least have kept the visions as part of some horror flashbacks he had from all the horrors he has gone through, rather than the Marker's influence on him. I loved DS1-2 Clarke, but I didn't feel 'attached' to this one. In some cases, I even liked his partner more than him.

-The story was the less intriguing of the three games. Many things were overly explained or explained in a very early stage. There was no climax for certain news or events. Like, in the end, where the bad guy was explaining everything to you. It was like the writers had so many things to explain and no clever way to deliver it to us, so they had the main antagonist explain everything at the end. And I don't think they worked on the characters very good. This love triangle made me think I am watching an episode of 'The Yound and the Restless', with some undead creatures thrown in. It just felt 'forced' and cliché. Also, I think they could have expanded the story a bit towards how the Unitologists managed to defeat EarthGov so easily. I thought the later one was much more powerful than the Church.

-The gameplay (and the levels themselves) felt repetitive. Same areas (especially on side-missions) and same objective: you find your team, talk a bit, get separated from them, find them again, they sent you on an errand, you find them again. This happens the whole game through. Also, DS3 based its gameplay heavily on scare jumps and countless waves of enemies. I was in an area, vents broke, and the only thing I did was killing Necromorphs the one after another, like it was a practice range. Sure, the previous games had scare jumps, but not so many. And the enemies were placed a lot more strategically in the levels.

-And universal ammo? Really? I think this change totally broke the continuity between the three games. How is it possible that everyone is using universal ammo now? It would make sense if they made the switch the years between DS2 and DS3, but this is not the case since you find them on the SCAF derelict ships/ planet too. Also, if you run out of ammo, your run out of ammo for all your weapons, something that got me in trouble many times. I know it's a game, and I know it is a practical feature , but it just doesn't make sense.

-Also, I do not know why they changed the save system. I was playing for 3 and a half ours on a side mission, clicked on the 'quit and save' option, only to find out that I have to replay the mission because you should wait for the 'saving' icon to appear, in order to get your game to save.

All in all, it was a good game rather than a bad one. I liked the new weapons system, the scavenge implementation, the new Necromoprhs and the setting itself. I just wish they had stick to some things that made this series what it is (horror, isolation, mystery), rather than exploring and implementing features that were not part of the games' series. The two first games made me think, search the web for answers, read the comics, see the anime. But not this one.

Fun, scary and feels like a mix between DS1 and DS2 with some "Alien" or "Aliens" theme jingle thrown in when you finally reach the snowy planet; Tau Volantis.

It takes HOURS just to get there, before that it's classic (single-player recommended!) Dead Space horror-action-goodness (jump scares, disturbing audio recordings like "MAKE US WHOLE!!", seeing a shadow run into the vents and so on), with Item and Weapon Crafting which is awesome and
you can spend a long time thinking where to put what and what to create
with this new item you found (like a CHIP that gives you "+2 damage, -1 clip", or a frame for a SMG or Shotgun and so on!

It's a brilliant game and feels EXACTLY like Dead Space 2.

It was good, loved the weapon crafting but the game lost all meaning of scary this time around. And the DLC Awakening is a ******* cockslap that left me felt pretty cheated.

Essentially a poor sequel that forgets its roots. The story is convoluted and uninteresting, the characters focus on melodrama rather than the fact that there's monsters trying to kill them, and the action is repetitive. There's no impact when hitting the enemies as they feel too light and hollow. There is even less tension as seen when fighting the human enemies.

I'm aware that the game is designed for the casual crowd, but things like fighting a giant mining drill was just ridiculous.

Weapon customisation
Areas to explore

Universal Ammunition
Kill Satisfaction
Uninteresting Characters

It's an awesome game, though I kinda prefer the first two.

Good:Singleplayer&Co-Op Story Mode (and good because they are both same story)but i think they should add choosing some missions like in battlefield 3 CO-OP.Huds,characters,sounds,weapons and things like "Editing your weapon in Bench,Chancing+Upgrading your Suit(armor) in Suit Kiosk".If you are playing CO-OP There are some Special Co Op Missions In game.There are somethings like climbing areas,driving a ship in 1 objective etc...

Bad:if you even choose easy difficulty its like medium or hard sometimes

My Rate is 9/10

This mod is far more superior than ENB and Sharpshooter!

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