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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

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I am working on a Resident Evil 2 mod for Left 4 Dead, I've got a majority of the map finished, all custom textures to look very close to RE2 to create that ' original feel ' , hardly any textures from the game ' l4d'.
I need modelers or skinners, preferable modelers to do the creatures and zombies from the original game "Resident Evil 2" including Lickers, Zombies, Zombie Dogs, Tyrant, Mr. X, etc.
I also need sound adviser for original music, etc. I've already got some of the original music in there right now, but can't seem to trigger it properly, I may need help on that.
I also need programmers for coding, etc.
This is a non paying job and if for pure fun only, it will provide an excellence of oblivious moment for those fans of Resident Evil out there.
The job applicants are recommended to be Resident Evil fans, if not you'll still have to go over a brief of Resident Evil history.
This mod is going to be completely different than all the other Resident Evil mods,
There will be different scenarios, different story and feel of the L4D universe, creating the RE2 universe.

For example there will be times in this mod where Leon calls in on the radio calling you for backup, but you won't be able to do it in time or something, or you'll get a radio call in from Claire, just things like that to add more of the feel from the original game.

The whole meaning of this remake is the fact you're reliving the old Resident Evil 2, but you get to explore it more in depth, and sh** your pants more.

If you can imagine what this modification would be like all finished with the creatures, items, etc. It would be a perfect mod.

To Apply

To apply, all you have to do is send me an Email at ResEve2004@yahoo.com
Or text me at 352 - 428 - 7706

Dead Rising 2
Windows, X360, PS3
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