Plot: The characters thought they had escaped the terrors of Banoi and survived the apocalypse on a corrupted paradise. Their fate took a turn for the worse. The Dead Island heroes escaped in a helicopter to the safety of a military ship, but when a furious storm hits and the virus suddenly spreads throughout the crew, the nightmare starts all over again, leaving hope drowning in the rising tides.

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Its Dead Island with small improvements to combat, coop and lootings but its even buggier and glitchy than the previous game. Although it is alot harder... which I would have liked if it wasn't so unfairly hard. It uses the whole waves of enemies while you defend a area (and in some instances infinite respawning enemies, these areas that you have to run passed which you might realize and fight till you die). The original game had maybe 1 instance of them both, here we get 3-4 in a shorter game.

+Improvements to combat like new mods and weapons
+Mini quests (fetch quests) are more interesting this time around rather than the blandness of what was before.
+Everything the worked before is maintained like modding weapons and visceral combat...

-One bad new gameplay mechanic, a one-hit kill move where you drop down on a zombie from up high, or at least weaken them down enough for a single extra hit to do the trick. But I’d reserve how often I did this, because it would always leave me staring at my feet for a few seconds while getting attacked by the other zombies, helpless and paralyzed...
-You end up getting pulled underwater when you explore with the boat, I mean seriously? Insta kills just because we want to explore. If you want to make the game linear like the previous dead island, don't block off areas with insta kills, Because we can't see it coming. Just block the areas off with debris, bouy's, nets, rocks...
-Difficulty scales widely against you when you play on your own, dead island was criticized for throwing in characters into cutscenes when you play on your own... now theres another reason to hate coop designed game. Not playtesting solo games?
-The game is roughly 15 hours rather than the 22 hours of the original.
-glitching weapons and enemies through walls and ground, crashes and disappearing items, teleporting even into far away areas when your coop partner dies.. ect
-Story is even more disjointed and slow than it was before..

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