DEAD IN VINLAND is a survival/management indie game with RPG and adventure elements, and is the sequel of DEAD IN BERMUDA.

Exiled on a faraway, unknown land, lead Eirik and his family on their quest to survive.
Manage their physical and mental health, explore the island, organize your camp and deal with other human beings. Some will help you, if you want, and some will be less docile…
Unveil the esoteric mysteries of Vinland. They could save your life… or lead you to your demise.


  • Deep survival management simulation: Manage the physical and mental health of your team, ration their food, choose their daily activities.
  • Challenging and turn based: Take your time to make the best decisions to adapt to the situation! Randomized elements make it that there is no perfect strategy, you must make the best of what is given to you.
  • Build your community of up to 14 playable characters. Meaningful choices will alter the relationships in your team and the story. Expect romances, hatred and betrayals!
  • Evolutive camp: craft more than 150 upgrades to help you settle on this cursed island.
  • Fight the elements: face terrible storms and droughts. Manage your potable water stocks wisely!
  • An island to explore: more than 150 map areas, discover the secrets of the island in a non-linear story. And maybe... Other survivors?
  • Full RPG system: usable objects, skills to upgrade, characters to level-up, character Traits, ...
  • Turn-based combat system
  • *************************** Secret Feature ****************************
  • *************************** Secret Feature ****************************


We started the big adventure with Dead In Bermuda. From the start, we wanted to build a world where all the games in the series would fit. If you played DiB, you may have noticed... Strange... Things. With no real explanations. More explanations will come in DiV, which is not a direct sequel but shares the same base gameplay and backstory.

Each game is totally independant, you won't miss a thing if you haven't played DiB, but in the end you'll learn in each game more about a common thread that ties everything together.

Gameplay-wise, while keeping the same basic original gameplay we developed in DiB, DiV is a major improvement in nearly all aspects: More characters, more stories, deeper survival mechanics, more crafts, more to explore, more replayability... And other surprises!


CCCP is a small french development studio. For a dozen years, we've kept on surviving by making educational games, but now we want to focus on making games that we'd like to play ourselves, especially MANAGEMENT and RPG games, with NARRATIVE elements. We want to make CHALLENGING and MEANINGFUL SOLO, PREMIUM games, where the player has to THINK and DISCOVER by himself.

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Let's talk about traits


Hello survivors! Soooo the development is going smoothly. We are still making some tweaks for some systems, and we have just 1 or 2 things to add… Or maybe a hundred. Anyway. Today, we’re going to talk about traits in Dead in Vinland.


In Dead in Vinland, we have several types of traits:

  • Historical and random traits that are available at the start of a new game.
  • Traits that you gain throughout the game
  • Temporary traits
  • Traits that are diseases/wounds

Before going further, let’s explain what a trait is. A trait is a characteristic that is given to each character. They will have many effects. They can for instance give a bonus of XPs, or decrease the skills of a character.

DiV - Blodeuweddtraits

Finally, the traits can be either good or bad for the character. Hence, there are 2 columns in the traits menu: traits in the green column will give a bonus to the character, while those in the red one will give him/her a penalty.


Now, we’ll talk about the historical and random traits at the start of the game. As you know, each character has his/her own personality. For example in the game, Eirik blames himself for what happened to his family, and Kari loves adventures. Well, that has an impact in the game! Each character has one good and one bad historical trait when you start the game.

When designing the characters of the Dead In… serie, we always face 2 problems: we want replayability and random elements, but we want real, living characters, not just faces without stories. It’s kind of contradictory, because the backstory and physical characteristics of characters give you strong constraints that will stick to this character. For example, an old man couldn’t have the skills of a strong, fierce young man. Things like that. So we must deal with FIXED, logical characteristics for characters, and add a little randomness whenever it’s possible. That’s why in Dead in Vinland each character starts with a set of HISTORIC traits, that are fixed and tailored for this particular character, and a set of random, lesser characteristics drawn from a pool of traits. For now, each character starts with 1 strong positive and 1 strong negative historical Trait, and 2 random negative Traits, and each time you level up you may choose between 5 positive traits for your character. They start quite bad at everything, but they’ll soon learn to be true survivors

DiV - Level Up

“Potential hero” and “lasting remorse” are Eirik’s historical traits while “Coward 1” and “Stubborn” are random traits

Let’s take this example. Potential Hero will increase Eirik’s Concentration and Endurance skills 50% faster. However, because of “lasting remorse”, his depression will decrease 25% slower. That’s not all! Each character will have 2 red traits that are generated randomly. On the image above, his random traits are “Coward 1” and “Stubborn”. But it’ll be different for each player!

We implemented those two systems because we wanted the characters’ personality to have a true impact of the game. Plus, this allows each player to have a different experience.


Next, we’ll talk about the traits that you gain throughout the game. When you explore the island for example, your choices may trigger some new traits.

DiV - Pyromania

A pyromaniac Moira… What is happening to her?

Those traits won’t disappear over time. That’s why you should be very careful with your choices, as they could add some new layers of difficulty. We really want the players to feel they’re playing with deep characters that can evolve throughout the game, and the choices they make can have quite big consequences.

DiV - Moiratraits

Hum, looks like Moira got a “Blessed” trait, and this one could be helpful. How did she get it though?


Then, let’s mention the temporary traits. They can also be gained in the game, but the difference with the previous ones is that they disappear over time. You’ll also gain them in the game because of your choices (dialogue choices for example).

DiV - Karidepressed

Kari didn’t want to upset her dad, and now she’ll be depressed for 3 days

Those traits won’t be as impactful, but you should still be wary of them, as depression is one way to die in Dead in Vinland for example.


Finally, in Dead in Vinland, you can get diseases or wounds. Those also count as traits. There are 2 ways to get those. During exploration, when you miss a skillcheck for example.

DiV - Eirikshoulder

Eirik shouldn’t have pushed himself so far

And finally, as we’ve said in the post about combat, if you lose too much HP in battle, you can get some injuries. Those will count as traits.

DiV - Popupendbattle

Blodeuwedd’s arm will take 5 days to heal


And that’s a wrap about traits! As you saw, there will be many traits in Dead in Vinland, and some will be quite beneficial (the green column), others will add penalties to the characters, and the player will have a harder time to survive. But it will be fun. We promise. Happy surviving!

Fighting deeper in Dead in Vinland

Fighting deeper in Dead in Vinland


In Dead in Vinland, we made sure the combat system was both deep and simple to play! That's why today, we talk about the technical aspects! Numbers, accuracy...

New character - Angelico di Pietro

New character - Angelico di Pietro

News 2 comments

The tenth survivor! Meet Angelico di Pietro, a pure and kind Chrsitian Monk who'll do anything to help Eirik's family in Dead in Vinland

Fighting for survival

Fighting for survival


You've probably heard about Dead in Vinland's all new combat system. Will you kill or be killed? It's up to you.

New feature revealed: the combat system!

New feature revealed: the combat system!

News 4 comments

Hello survivors! We're back from Gamescom, and we have a huge feature to announce: a combat system in Dead in Vinland!

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