Waking up in an abandoned hospital with only your cell phone for illumination, you explore the institution’s dark criminal past as you attempt to escape. In Daylight no two experiences are the same, and it is best played alone in the dark. Daylight introduces gamers to a procedurally generated world that replicates the horrifying nature of Daylight over and over again, but creates a different environment for each new game. Each time the player begins a new game, they experience a new world with new content and encounters; from the layout of the building and the things they seek to the events they encounter, it is never the same experience twice.

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notadcanymore says

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This game's concept confuses me, which is why it's good. It brings such a nice story alongside the "throwing you off your chair monsters" it provides.

It's a really good game with an interesting storyline. Since it's randomly generated it's always a "New Game" for you.

10/10 - Well done


Echohalls says

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This game nearly made my heart explode, I had to pause it SIXTEEN times in a row due to the scariness.

This game done it right, this goes right along side amnesia.
It uses tension to its advantage instead of spamming pointless jumpscares like most games now.

Well Done Zombie Studios, Can't wait to see what's next!

10/10 Heart Stopping


TheUnbeholden says

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This game has alot in common with Slender, it has the same basic game design. You collect plenty of notes but a select few are special that progress the story and allow you to collect a cursed item from glowing rune rooms, which then allow you to open the sigil door in other part. So its mandatory to run around a few times to find the well hidden manuscripts (remanants).
Horror is based around building tension and then putting one of 2 types of enemies, the screamer that hurts you in its presence and the one that chases you for a very short time (and this leads us to the lack of difficulty that always ruins horror for me). The presence of flares that give you limited protection, limited number of times to vapourise a ghost (but really just for when your cornered).

Its unpredictable due to random scares however its also lacking in variety of those scares so this ruins the possible advantage of such a system.

+Sewer is the best part of the game which is unusual, sewers in other games have always been the worst part. Its because here it provides the greatest variety in rooms, that are quite maze like.
+Setting is scary
+Random encounters...

-However not enough variety in the scares (its usually a scream, knocking stuff over, opening drawers and some unusual stuff).
-Acting is passable, but it does pose a missed opportunity storywise.
-Mandatory item hunting.
-Not difficult, which is probably the biggest issue the game has.
-Very short (3-4 hours).


Psykljudet says

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This game is quite possibly the SCARIEST HORROR GAME OF 2014.
Made me nope out of it in 2 seconds flat.
Amazing Gameplay
Frightening Scares
Great Voice Acting
Intriguing Story
Every where I went in the game just felt foreboding and I always felt watched.

Amazingly well done and well executed.
Well Done Zombie Studios.

10/10 Scariest Game of 2014


FEARoperative1992 says

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