Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War delivers a level of visual detail never before seen in an RTS. Hundreds of units clash on the battlefields of the dark future, unleashing massive destruction through a stunning battery of long-range weaponry before closing in for the finish. Incredible kill animations bring science fiction combat to life like never before, and the gritty future-gothic Warhammer 40,000 setting provides a striking tableau for the chaos and carnage of this grim, dark future, where there is only war!

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Dawn of Criminals Mod (present) Orks da best! Orkz is made fer' two fings! Fightin', and winnin'
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About [DC] Veteran Mod with 6 comments by GreenScorpion on Dec 11th, 2014

The armies of Chaos are seductive to almost every single type of people. From the poor inhabitant of the lower levels of a hive world to the rich and powerful planetary governor, the influence of the Dark Gods always finds a way to corrupt those that are not dedicated enough to the service of the Emperor.
Chaos as race provides some freedom in terms of gameplay ideas since the origins of its warriors are many and some may bring their expertise from being in Imperial Guard or other military force.

Lately I've been working on some Renegade related concepts, both visual and gameplay concepts although obviously most of what I will show here is the visual part.

  • Exalted Champion - pretty much a veteran version of a renegade champion with improved combat capabilities. Possesses a trophy rack to demonstrate its rank among renegade forces by displaying the results of his combat capabilities.
  • Renegade Medic - the name says pretty much everything. This guy is a renegade with a medkit and probably some experience as battlefield medic.

Renegade medic concept

  • Renegade Vox - a renegade operating a vox, likely a guard once with some knowledge about IG communitcation procedures and probably capable of deceiving IG air support or artillery to hit their own soldiers or at least capable of transmiting orders from one renegade group to another.

Renegade Vox

  • Renegade Champion with Banner - a champion carrying the banner of the chaotic force it serves, inspiring renegades nearby to fight harder (banner changes according to banner chosen in the army painter just like it happens with aspiring champions).

Renegade Champion with army banner

  • Preachers - filling the role of IG priests preacher in renegade armies would inspire the surrounding troops in a similar way.

Renegade preacher concept

  • Disciples - the most dedicated renegade forces, the disciples would be the equivalent to IG stormtroopers/kasrkins or veterans.

Renegade Disciples militia based Concept
(check this for more images Moddb.com )

Most of these concepts still need some texture work and some fx work to get them to look a bit more chaos like but are functionally working which was the initial objective.

Some more chaos concepts were also done related with cultists, including the "heavier" melee version of the cultist. Based on a renegade champion conversion with cultist parts, this concept is related with the creation of an heavier melee variation of the cultist that can do serious damage to enemies before getting killed. As with the basic cultists these guys will likely serve as a fast moving meatshield mostly useful at eliminating long range specialists or occupy units so heavier chaotic troops can take them out.

More images of the melee cultists Moddb.com

An heavier ranged variant of the cultist was also created based on a conversion of the renegade militia. From autoguns/lasguns, passing through plasma guns and going to missile launchers, these cultists can be equipped with a great variety of weapons.

Chaos cultist militia concept

More images of the ranged cultists Moddb.com

Ingame comparison of "traditional" cultists, renegades and the ranged version of the cultists.

Cultist militia ingame comparison

Renegade putrid projection
Pretty much the nurgle related renegades are intended to have an explosion on death kind of thing healing allies or hurting enemies (because of how explosion on death works it is only one thing at a time, either it would heal or it would cause damage with 50% of chance for each one). I based the associated fx on an already existing blood fx mixed with the plague cloud usually seen on the nurgle champion while breathing. What do you think? I must say i am not a fx expert. Weapons fx still need to be changed (i may have changed it and then forgetting about it didn't convert the whe again before going to object editor, will have to check) and will be changed when the rest is working as desired.

WARNING: THIS VIDEO MAY CONTAIN CULTISTS SCREAMING LIKE GIRLS! (one of my watchers at my moddb profile requested me to put this kind of warnings)

On renegade based concepts i would like to thank meloo who created the renegades militia and champion models and RT2 who did some body synchs that allowed me to do some of the conversion concepts based on meloo's work.

Not all is chaos though and other armies have also received some work like IG for example:
IG Defensive bunker concept
How it works:
It begins with 3 basic weapons available, namely wall mounted lasguns, plasma weapons and missile launchers. The north weapons are being used by the bunkers own soldiers but external squads are required to man the south, east and west defenses (check the bunker more to the right it only fires from one side until its is garrisoned by some squads). This means this is a directional defense, which is not that useful if your manned weapons are not pointing in the direction where the enemies come from but with a few additional men inside additional directions are safe from enemy interference.
It can be upgraded with additional weapons through add-ons (banners indicate bought add-ons), first with flamers for close ranged defense against infantry and later with heavy bolters for long range, low reload time anti-infantry capabilities.
Two additional add-ons will cover other areas than adding weapons, providing passive defensive bonus to nearby troops, making it easier to mount a strong defense with the Imperial Guard.
Banners are currently not implemented but will reflect the nature of the add-on so it is easy to notice what building has certain add-ons available and which are lacking. This modified infantry command is based on the already modified DoW Pro infantry command bunker with 4 add-ons available with respective banners.

Lootas choosing their own weapons
If you check the video you will notice those lootas change weapons up to 3 times after spawning. This random weapon choice is as much a visual change as it is a stats change as every weapon they may choose has different stats. This was possible using a version of the lootas with some OE code done by GrOrc and an interesting detail that exists in jONES's Black Templars mod.
Your lootas will be fighting way happier now that they have weapons of their own choosing! First 2 weapons will of course appear more easily than the last 2 as it is probability related.

As always feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading and seeing the images and videos above.

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Christmas Patch
Dawn of War

Christmas Patch

Dec 23, 2014 The Imperium of Man Patch 2 comments

Fix numerous spotting issues and adds vulture for Steel Legion. Just extract into your imperium of man folder and overwrite the files when asked (installation...

Soulstorm: Strongholds [v1.32a hotfix]
Dawn of War

Soulstorm: Strongholds [v1.32a hotfix]

Dec 20, 2014 Soulstorm: Strongholds Patch 11 comments

Just a small update this time, mainly to fix a bug on the Deimos Peninsula that was caused by the changes in the last patch. Unfortunately, it's also...

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.9
Dawn of War

Ultimate Apocalypse Patch - 1.73.9

Dec 19, 2014 Ultimate Apocalypse mod Patch 62 comments

REQUIRES ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE VERSION 1.73!!! DOES NOT REQUIRE PREVIOUS PATCHES! Extract to your Soulstorm directory and select 'Yes' when overwriting...

Dawn of War


Dec 14, 2014 Dawn of Conflict - Planetary Conflict Patch 3 comments

fixes bugs with Deathwing race, I hope you get him to run modification

patch on the taskbar
Dawn of War

patch on the taskbar

Dec 14, 2014 Dawn of Conflict - Planetary Conflict Patch 0 comments

patch on the taskbar, open access to additional buildings!

Dawn of Conflict - Planetary Conflict 1.5.23 part3
Dawn of War

Dawn of Conflict - Planetary Conflict 1.5.23 part3

Dec 12, 2014 Dawn of Conflict - Planetary Conflict Demo 24 comments

This mod is based on an all-out war with massive armies, resize, orcs and all the equipment, there are new units, abilities, icons, voices in Dawn of...

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Ultramarine_40000 Nov 30 2006, 1:59pm says:

hmm... ok

ill do my best here ;)

first you have to save it in c:\program files\thq\dawn of war\wxp\data\scenarios\mp, but when your done that map and want to play it in DC, copy it into your c:\program files\thq\dawn of war - dark crusade\dxp2\data\scenarios\mp and it shoudl work, and as for starting positions, there located in the objects menu, under gameplay, and to make them useable for one person, theres a little bar above where you choose your object, it should say "world", switch it to player one/two/three ect. and then place your starting posistion, then when you play a game on that map that certain player will start there *hoo* (ouf of breath ;) ) make sure you switch it everytime you place a new starting position, and after your done placing the starting points, change it back to "world"

hope that helps :)

-BIO_Ultra_ / Ultramarine_40000

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheMasterOfEvil Nov 30 2006, 12:39pm says:

hmm... im in yet another pikle i save the exact thin g to told mne to save as but in which folder ? i tried any old one and that didnt work i t said that only thq/dawnof war/ folder only but that means only the old dow i want dc i tried that folder nxt then that didnt work came up wiv samew ting u help?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ultramarine_40000 Nov 30 2006, 12:27pm says:

thx, and anytime, Id do my best to help anyone with anything i can... unless they being stupid like a certain somebody who posted on the moddb Map Makers Mod homepage, i hope hes smartened up, if you did and read this feel free to come back if your not going to be a complete idiot

-BIO_Ultra_ / Ultramarine_40000

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheMasterOfEvil Nov 30 2006, 12:02pm says:

u've helpt me a lot and ur alright at explaining im not that gud wiv pc's but now i can at least make ther map thx to u :) ultramarine 40,000

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheMasterOfEvil Nov 30 2006, 1:48pm says:

i can save the map and reload it but i cant play the map on DC probobly only on the 1st 1 or 2nd . i cant seem to make starting points either und i hav to wait as their is no point making a map i cant play as well as the fact of i looked at the google thingy and typed in that only sum crap that dosent say or help.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ultramarine_40000 Nov 29 2006, 4:45pm says:

hmm... i suck at explaining, but where to save maps is your "...\dawn of war - dark crusade\dxp2\data\scenario\mp\" save them there, and you can open them there. And the reason you cant build there is because you can only build around the middle of the actual board thing that you get to build on. You can find lots of help online, go make a forum at dowfiles and try and find tips there, as i cant help you with everything because i realy, realy suck at explaining things. To find where you can build hit the impass tool on your toolbar (i think its the last option on it in the first part of the bar) and there will be lots of checkered spots, thats everywhere that you can build. To find tutorials you can type "how to make maps for Dawn of War: Winter Assault" into google and you might find something. I hope i oculd be of some help.


+1 vote     reply to comment
TheMasterOfEvil Nov 29 2006, 4:32pm says:

ty for the help y dont they have the tyranid race in this game makes no sense as they were one of the first races their were i like em im not gunna bother getting the one in 2007 as im starting to get bored thats y i wanted to make maps.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheMasterOfEvil Nov 29 2006, 4:29pm says:

right i made 2 maps and saved them but i tried to open both and nither came up i lost all that work now can u tell me how to get the map on Dark Crusade plz everythings messed up.i only want to play it on dark crusade i had a few problems 1) it wont make certain things on the map such as starting points so then i cant play it 2) when i place a stretegic point somewhere it dosent go where i tell it to or it dosent appear there is enough room though it's weird. im so confused ???????????

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ultramarine_40000 Nov 29 2006, 3:29pm says:

crap, sorry, i just tried out the link and it didnt work, heres the url for the original page, just scroll down about hafl way down the page and press the download button, that'll bring you to the spot i previously gave you the link to... except do it this way and it will work

p.s. just call me BIO_Ultra_, becasue thats the username i use online (in games) and my filefront accout name, and i prefer it over ultramarine_40000 ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheMasterOfEvil Nov 29 2006, 2:40pm says:

when i did as u siad 40,000 guy it came up with two things i got the one that said 2005 not the other 1 saing 2004, somebody else told me to make maps i need finalsun 1.02 is this correct?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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For 6 years now I have been playing Dawn of War. Modding it gave me that extra plus.

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10/10 because I always experienced something new in it.

10/10 100% warhammer

10/10 for Dawn of War I and Winter Assault campaign

7/10 for Dark Crusade and Soulstorm campaign

10/10 for your epic stories and hard work combined.

Oct 27 2011, 4:50pm by Lord_Cylarne

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So much more could have been done, that was ignored during development.
Betas should of had more input.

Only saving grace is that there is a Modding community with which to complete the incomplete game... :(

Sep 8 2012, 12:33pm by RT2...

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