It is the 41st Millennium in Sub-Sector Aurelia, a cluster of worlds on the edge of the Galaxy, and a battle of epic proportions is about to begin. Ancient races will clash across the planets that dot this section of space, battling for the greatest of stakes - not only the claim to the land and its bounty, but the fate of each race.

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(Hellishly boring and long fights. More squad-focused game-play, slightly RPG-ish instead of Dow1 RTS game-play).

5 for the models, and that's all. Some may like the slightly RPG, squad-focused game-play. But me being a RTS lover doesn't. At all!

What did Relic do to this game? CoH was nearly perfect and DoW was near perfection too. All they had to do was combine the best bits of both games and they could of a winner.

lok tar ogar
victory or death

The game feels so incomplete.

Cool features from CoH were removed such as the need to connect territories with each other and doctrines, which in my opinion is more flexible and more 40K lore-friendly than the Commander Selection feature we get prior to a game. Also, not much new combat features have been added.

Another thing that bothers me personally, though probably unimportant, is how weapons don't seem to have cooldown and accuracy multipliers depending on the range. I think there is a damage modifier though but that seems to be only present in a few weapons such as shotguns.

The much whined-about inexistent base-building and the over-simplified teching system pretty much removes the strategic aspect from what is supposed to be a real-time STRATEGY game.

I haven't completed the campaign myself but so far, the missions feel so repetitive and hence boooring. The general pattern of the maps feel uniform, the missions objectives and the types of units I face at a time are mostly the same, so it becomes predictable and feels like a routine rather than a mission that I feel there's great need to accomplish.

Also, (read in a whiny voice) the environment reverts to its original state when I deploy in an area that I've already done a mission on. Had they made it so that the destruction I left behind in that area would persist in future missions, they might have created a more realistic and unique feel to every mission.

Not an RTS so should not be marketed as one.

I'll give it OPTIMAL value>6/10.
Dow 2/Retribution is a good game in terms of Graphics and engine.Aslo destroyable enviroment was cool. BUT there are several problems that truly ARE an eyesore for DOW fans.

1-DOW2 has ONLY 6 races > wtf RELIC where did Necrons/Tau/Sisters/Dark Eldar/IDH go????? Ah half of Mother F*cking game is MISSING here!!!

2-Really really limited unit choice for any fraction usually up to 10 units ONLY!! WTF again Relic??? DOW Apocalypse has 11 units FOR Space marines only in BARRACKS!!! And overall over 35!!!

3-Relic removed all buildings and left ONLY 1- HQ. Now that is stupid.

4-MOST annoying feature relic added in Dow 2 /retribution (i really want to kill all those motherf*uckers for this) it is TADAAAAAH the RETREAT BUTTON/Ability. Man that is simply idiocy.(Facepalm)If you want to retreat just move your forces back and forth. But with this 'Magick' button squad starts to run so fast no one can catch them LOL and long range fire form enemy units is decreased times 2.I know that melee also increases times 2 but man its the dumbest idea of them all. I cant imagine SM say : FOR DA EMPERROR!!! and next second retreat >_> total bullsh*t.SM could never ever retreat.


Other:dawn of war 1 is better

The squeal to Dawn of War was indeed very interesting in many aspects, but some aspects are perhaps a disappointment.

9/10 campaign, story line

9/10 Last stand

3/10 skirmish gameplay

6/10 replayability

8/10 AI

6/10 Graphics/function of graphics

3/10 base building

8/10 RPG element

Worth the buy? 4/10

Other than the requirement of a needed and optimal computer, on top of it, the game killing my Motherboard, the game is... not as good as DOW I.

The campaign is PHENOMENAL. Last Stand mode is PHENOMENAL! Replayability because of the new RPG element, on top of your characters getting new wargear and leveling up = best idea, ever. However, why in the gods names did you remove base building, extract the best of the best features of DOW I out from DOW II and make this game a load of disappointment in the most prolonged gaming, skirmish?

Campaigns are great, beauties, great story lines and fantastic missions, but they do not last forever. The Last Stand mode makes up for the lack of skirmish, but gameplay went down hill overall from DOW I to this.

The tactics are a lot more advanced, however. But the need to reinforce at your HQ from a long distance away from the battlefield, things too expensive and remarkably difficult to protect is just an annoying immersion killer. Unable to build stuff, the maps too small, my god what have you done?

Campaign has some stiff stuff about it, too. The missions take a long time to complete, you are mostly walking around healing your troops, and it is downright a shame that there are no massive battles anywhere. Stealth, abilities, cover, all that is much better than DOW I, but what the developers took out from DOW II is down right disappointing. Along with the need of a new computer.

Combine this with DOW I, though, best graphics, best gameplay, and you have a major hit. THE all time game all Warhammer 40k lovers will dream to get. Like, screw DOW III?

Game is great, it's just the big stuff that makes DOW so great, absent.


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