Battle for survival and supremacy in the gritty post-apocalyptic world of vehicular combat where strategy and tactics determine winners and losers. Manage your gang, train your characters, design your own cars and scavenge for parts. Make your fortune in racing, deathracing and arena combat leagues, or venture into the wilderness and engage in tense multiplayer battles with pirates, traders and other players. Trade for parts, cars and weapons in the dynamic economy of a world where your characters will age, sustain permanent injuries, and die. The detailed weapon stats, and the detailed turn-based, physics-controlled vehicular combat system with critical hits, injuries and healing, psychology and leadership ensure a strategic challenge like few other games. Award winning in the indie gaming community, acclaimed in the main-stream computer gaming press and praised in the war-gaming media: Play it yourself to find out why.

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10 d0dger

Dec 17th, 2011 2 people agree 0 people don't

Been playing this game for nearly 2 years now.

Racing and Combat are very tactical and cerebral, no twitch to the gameplay at all. Nestled behind that is a great deal of strategic decisions to manage your profits, gang roster and training, stable of vehicles, factions, camp affiliations and so much more.

You can actually permanently degrade and/or lose your characters and gear in this game, and I love that. There's no reverting to a previous save or pressing a magic resurrect button. There are lasting consequences to poor decisions, but that's the biggest thing that makes this game unique and more challenging then... almost every other game out there.

By and large the community is friendly, helpful, and mature. There's little to no wtf l33tsauce OMG teabagging kiddies gettin up in mah grill. (=

If you were a fan of Car Wars you'll love it, without a doubt. If you've enjoyed turn based games in the past, it's worth a deeper look. If you want a game about tactics instead of twitch, try it out and see.

Moth1 says
10 Moth1

Jan 21st, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

I love the game!!!

SlipperyJim says
10 SlipperyJim

Jan 26th, 2012

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LeGare says
10 LeGare

Jan 19th, 2012

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.Tinker. says
10 .Tinker.

Dec 18th, 2011

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Utredd says
10 Utredd

Dec 17th, 2011

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Wolfs_SA says
10 Wolfs_SA

Nov 21st, 2010

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goat_starer says
10 goat_starer

Jun 23rd, 2010

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Wott says
10 Wott

Jun 23rd, 2010

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