Darkout is a sandbox, with strategy and survival components. One of the clearest influences present in the game comes from titles like Minecraft or Terraria, sandbox platformers where the player can build up facilities and modify his environment at will. But in Darkout there are some interesting points that make it worth to look at, starting by the importance that light has in the game. System Requirements -OpenGL Graphics card that can display at least 1024x768 res (Nvidia 8000 series or better) -2 Gig Ram -Fully compatible with Windows XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7 -Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 1.3 Ghz or Better -2.5 Gig HDD Space -.NET Framework 2.0 DARKOUT GREENLIGHT PAGE: bit.ly/195QTUS Darkout Gameplays / Tutorials playlist on Youtube (daily updates): bit.ly/155YwGW Darkout F.A.Q.s bit.ly/15A5lxu

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U like Terraria ? U will LOVE Darkout.
Nice Gameplay, Graphic and much else...

This game is fantastic - I love these action/sandbox/platformer things, having played too much Terraria, Edge of Space and this wonderful game as well as any others I can find.. This one stands out though, with the graphical treatment really being elevated to the next level. This game is gorgeous, and really does a great job of making the world seem alien and mysterious and a sense of both wonder and danger permeates the mood at all times. The light and dark mechanism is far more important than in other games of this type. The world is a dark place, and the animals have evolved around this. Light actually harms them and effective combat involves illuminating them enough that they first lose their darkness aura, leaving them far more vulnerable to a conventional assbeating! Exploration is dangerous and full of trepidation, but rewarding too as you slowly return with more and more materials to upgrade your shelter from a desperate refuge to a fully equipped bastion from which you may challenge all odds. I enjoy this one very much and wish the devs all the best with this fantastic game!

The atmosphere of the game is really good, i greenlited this game on steam but i really wanted to try it out and got desura pretty much for that game.

So simple to play, yet somewhat complex in visuals and actual gameplay.
Easy-to-learn controls, and all that other good stuff, packed in with a sci-fi terraria/minecraft feel.

It is an amazing game with a great lighting that gets you into the environment and although it has some small bug and hope they fix this, remeber the game is in Beta. Recommended buy.

Awesome beginin for a great game... Looks really nice.

Un juego que parece una mezcla de DeadSpace y Terraria, verdaderamente merece esta nota e incluso más.

I'm about 5 hours in and so far the game is fantastic. Its like a darker (albiet somewhat lonely), more advanced version of Terraria. I bought this game for 9.99 and I can tell that I am already going to spend way more hours playing this game than other games that I might shell out $40-60 for. Looking forward to future updates!

Nice game. My first "sandbox building stuffs" of game. I like how the lights is an important factors in the game. But the game is kind of heavy. Also when the game loads from main menu it made wonder what has happened because there is no loading screen or some visual feedback that the game is loading. Alos, if only it is more optimized.

But it is still a nice game.

Updated review for version 1.2: After this update the game feels a lot more finished and playable. There are upgrades everywhere: visuals, lighting, user interface, game world. The starting tutorial is also welcome for new players. There *are* still bugs -- for instance, right at the beginning I dropped my gun and could not pick it up. Still, it has evolved into a more inviting sandbox/exploration game now.

Previous review: An interesting concept... I am a fan of Terraria and a game like that but in a sci-fi setting is a dream. However, current version is still very unstable. At first I could not play at all, then for some reason I started being able to load up games... at times. For this reason I still cannot rate this higher than a five out of ten.

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