Cube MetalHeart is a multi-player shooter using the Tesseract Engine. It's an extended version of Sauerbraten, like a standalone mod. Featuring new content and backward compatibility to Sauerbraten maps and servers ! Music by

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Pretty fun game. Spent a couple hours on it already XD

would not launch

You want a free shooter with lots of fun? It should have plenty of guns and enemies? Then this one will be perfect for you! Although I still think that Nexuiz Classic and Xonotic do a better job in deathmatch, Sauerbraten Extended can be recommended. And don't forget to enjoy the decent music! It is perfect to have a little fun in a while. You must try it!!

Very Good Game.

it's a preatty good descent game, it's alot better than minecraft I will tell you that much! :D

Love this game, it brings a tear ot the eye.

Jogo muito bom, divertido e trilha sonora 10. E It's FREE! *-*

Great job making Sauerbraten look a whole lot better. This is great because now I can play faster computer with awesome graphics vs cheaper computers with less graphics.

Very very beautiful game. Like i want.

Epic :D

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