Cube MetalHeart is a multi-player shooter using the Tesseract Engine. It's an extended version of Sauerbraten, like a standalone mod. Featuring new content and backward compatibility to Sauerbraten maps and servers ! Music by

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nice game

good gameplay,good music,a really good game well done!


Intolerably stupid thing: there are NO difference from original Cube 2: Sauerbraten. Even maps and player models are same. How it passed on Desura?

Très bon jeu libre et gratuit, je le recommande à tous.

Cube metalheart: Sauerbraten extended......has just gotten better.....

If you remember my old review on this game (which i don't think any of you do) i have given it a 9/10. But freakmind games has done somthing even greater. The year is now 2013 and freakmind games has made a much better version of the game. First off the grapics now look AMAZING and gotten much better then how the graphics used to be. Now they added lights, and Darknesses to make the gaming experince better then before. Not there mention are a couple of brand new maps on the game and they great and fun to be on. Music is GREAT and AMAZING as well. They also added brand new tracks for the game to and they are entertaming to listen some awesome thechno music (atleast i think its thechno music comment me if im wrong) theres not much anything else freakmind has done but now i look forward and recomended this game to any FPS fan out there. This game derseves it which is why i gave this game a perfect 10/10

cool aber die sounds sind ein bils doof ;D

so much fun because of the random aspect of it


RavenousDisease says

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Definately not what i was expecting from my first game played in the massive Cube world. The sound track was excellent and given how large my RAM is the performance value (average FPS about 70 vs. over 150 on other FPS with offline abilites) it played with excellent reaction time as well as in depth AI that seemed to sync to my skill level. The only fault i found was it seemed like the invasion game mode AI mobbed me into corners to frequently.

Very good improvement on the original Cube 2 game. Highly recommend trying this game out, as it's also one of the better free (open-source) games out there.

I think is a Veeeery good project, try to improve the spawms, and modify the damage (a sniper can't do more damage than a rocket) Try to add the head shoot... But summing up, very good work xD

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