Cube MetalHeart is back ! Get ready for an intense battle experience featuring Tesseract Engine ! 3 new gamemodes dedicated for advanced FPS players. 24 maps in different themes all optimized for Tesseract Engine and stunning D'n'B and Dubstep soundtrack by UK's xKore !

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Smooth fps, well designed DM levels, cool weapons, awesome multiplayer and clever bots.. what more could you ask for in an FPS? Great, adrenaline-driven mayhem!!

I loved Cube Metalheart - Sauerbraten Extended even more than Sauerbraten itself. I was excited when this game came out. Personally, I'm glad that the death sound it gone, it was a bit annoying but tolerable in the previous game. I like the music, but it doesn't compare to the soundtrack of the first Metalheart. Overall good game. I hope more people play it.


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