CRYSTAL KINGDOM is created by a small group of hobbyist enthusiasts and takes you back to the time when you sat in front of a TV and had to plug in a game cartridge into a home console in order to start up your favorite fantasy RPG. If you were lucky, you may have been sitting there with a few friends who joined the adventure using the remaining free game controller ports.
We want to bring back the good old times just without the TV and home console plugin part, and a few more hundred friends to join in at the same time.

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"Although obviously inspired by the classic, 16-bit JRPGs of decades past, Crystal Kingdom will be a brand-new and completely unique game. It's also an ambitious project, despite being developed by fans, with top-notch art, online multiplayer action and a list of potential features that would make most veteran developers blush. [..] if you're a JRPG fan with a hankering for the days of yore, it's definitely something worth checking out."
~ Gamezebo

"I really hope this does well. For all the fans of the JRPG such as Chrono Trigger or even Final Fantasy, Crystal Kingdom will take us back to those days,
but with a far more modern work over, yet keeping the 16bit style. [..] Looking through the video's and the screenshots, this is looking like we could be onto a Winner."
~ IndieRetroNews

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