Earth, 2019. A team of US scientists makes a frightening discovery on an island in the South China Sea, and all contact with them is lost when the North Korean government quickly seals off the area. The United States responds by dispatching an elite team of nanotech-suited Delta Force operatives, and tensions quickly rise to boiling point. But when a massive alien ship reveals itself in the middle of the island, generating an immense force sphere that freezes a vast portion of the area, the two warring factions must unite, fighting epic battles through tropical jungle, flash-frozen wastes, and finally in the heart of the alien ship itself for the ultimate zero-G showdown.

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Simply great game.


I enjoyed this game, but I have to say, it was lacking in several aspects. To people who say it is original, I ask, what's original about it, exactly? Sure, it has great graphics, and you can actually see your legs, but what, exactly, is original about this game?

Moving on to more positive aspects of the game, I thought they did a fine job of changing the scenery when it was starting to get too repetitive. However, the game was also very difficult, not as difficult as Far Cry, mind you, but hard enough to give advanced gamers a good run for their money. If you enjoy difficult games, or don't mind dying or running out of bullets fairly often, then you should feel fine playing this game.

The story is shallow to say the least, and it has one too many cliches, but it was still fairly interesting. A few times I wished I could actually affect how the story played out, but then I realized I was playing a FPS, not on the holodeck.

All in all, this was a good game, worth the 7.50 I payed for it. It wasn't as open-world as I expected it to be, but I was glad it didn't constantly lock me into steel corridors that were confusing to navigate. If you enjoy FPSs, get this game. If not, then...look at the screenshots. If nothing else, this is a beautiful game.

Crysis is just technology demo which don't properly work even on hardware from 2011. It looks good, but you can have some graphic issues like invisible objects. Restarting game works most time.
Gameplay is good too, but you will wring out whole fun in couple of hours. After that it is common FPS game. But at first, it is fun to annoy enemies using suit modes. In quite huge and relatively free to move world is using vehicles enjoyable feature. I mean it is not corridor with invisible walls.
This game cannot be compared with top FPS games due to poor physics engine and common gameplay, but still it is better than corridor FPS.
Classic AAA price is overvaluated, but if you get it for bargain price, then it is good purchase.

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