Earth, 2019. A team of US scientists makes a frightening discovery on an island in the South China Sea, and all contact with them is lost when the North Korean government quickly seals off the area. The United States responds by dispatching an elite team of nanotech-suited Delta Force operatives, and tensions quickly rise to boiling point. But when a massive alien ship reveals itself in the middle of the island, generating an immense force sphere that freezes a vast portion of the area, the two warring factions must unite, fighting epic battles through tropical jungle, flash-frozen wastes, and finally in the heart of the alien ship itself for the ultimate zero-G showdown.

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The best fantastic game ever. It's perfect almost in everything. Thank you, CryTek, for this wonderful game!

So good game and engine good :D

Play with mods it's soo happy but this game created from Germany .

That's a great FPS game. Graphics are almost perfect and you could interact with every single object in your way. Such amazing models and textures, good soundtrack, good voice acting and simple but good powerup interface.
Maps are HUGE and very well designed...
Anyway the story is not good at all! From the "halo" powerarmor to the evil north coreans, from the biomechanics aliens (half Alien - half Predator) to the silly ending, the plot of the game sounds like a giant, ridiculous deja-vu.

the best grafics 2007 winner, no **** sherlock, CryEngine 2 was the best engine that time... i love this game till now... I am so sad that Crysis Wars are no longer supported :(

Push my computer to the limits and my thrill with the graphics and game play. Still better than its sequels!

Nice visuals, much freedom. Though has too much stolen ideas to be as special as they say.

A great Scifi FPS with an interesting story involving Koreans and aliens. And good characters.

Gameplay is fun. You're equipped with a suit with the abilities to increase your armor, speed, strength and invisibility. Unfortunately they cant be activated with a simple key, i had to tweak the game for that. You also cant toggle crouch.

You get a variety of weapons. However they feel like they dont have much force, and sometimes dont feel like they do enough damage, except the shotgun. But you get used to it.

The game also has alot of action, and alot of enemies, but because of how weak the guns feel, and how much enemies seem to show up out of nowhere i would often just run through them.

At the end of the game there is the epic, yet cliche final boss fight.

Satisfying game.

Why would ANYONE rate a 1 on this game? Even in 2013 this game is awesome!

nice game

Bad:Singleplayer story mode sucks and boring,dont takes lot of time to finish ( for me xD ),Difficulties are too easy.

Peoples are able to use Cheats in game (singleplayer and multiplayer)


Good:Graphics at last settings,animations a bit,HUD,weapons that can be edited (adding scope chancing it etc by pressing X button),Multiplayer is really better than playing singleplayer story but its not really good too.We are able to drive vehicles like ships(boats),VTOL,Helicopter.

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