You wake up in a dark alley, not knowing anything. What has happened anyway? You struggle after the truth and answers. Answers you want to know in the darkness and fear, which makes your heartbeat race like violent blows against your head. Where do "they" come from? What has happened? Are you just turning insane? The time is up; you can't stay there reading your smses forever. It's time to head out and find the answers. Cry of Fear is a singleplayer modification of Half-Life 1 which brings you the horror you've always been afraid of. It's a total conversion of Half-Life 1, which means it uses NO Half-Life 1 content or other peoples' files. It's all made exclusively by the developers. It also uses new gaming styles that you will rarely find in Half-Life mods, such as advanced cutscenes and other stuff that will be revealed at a later date.

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1 Metal-Payne

Sep 3rd, 2012 18 people agree 16 people don't

Once you get past the pretty Half Life 1 engine graphics and the hype, this is a pretty poor game. This game isn't really scary, all it is is just jump scares. Combat is really clunky too, weapons sound powerful but in reality don't really pack a punch. Jumping is major issue too, during the train scene is where it really shows it's flaws. Also, character development is pretty bad and is worst than Doom (which has no character development). Most of the actions that characters do makes no sense what so ever, and when a certain love interest dies, I can't help but say "Oh well". The Story is another thing that drags it down, it's too emo and makes absolutely no sense. I had a bad feeling about the story and characters when in one of the development logs, the lead developer put a gun to his head. This game suffers from the lack of actual survival horror, poor combat and jumping mechanics, horrible characters and character development, a non nonsensical story. The only reason why it's so popular is because people are sheep who can't speak for themselves, and don't realize that this is a sub par game. I respect the work and effort the developers put into this, but this game does not deserve the praise it gets.

eliasr says
1 eliasr

May 24th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't
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With exception for the weird bugs and crashes, the co-op seriously lacks some game design.
While I do have a great understanding for the limitations in the map design, and also the lesser detail on some of the objects, there still could have been used some better textures on objects, such as oven, chair , etc.

The transitions between levels could result in client crash or connection loss.
Monsters could walk straight though several objects, or walls.

Some maps were bugged or loaded incorrect events. In the building in the forest, where the doors would flip open and close, it would load Simon's health bar and play some music to that occasion. If that map was reloaded, ex due to death, it would not load.

Some monsters has the weirdest death scream.

Anyway, as for the game design.
It puzzles me that the aid for the team is so different from the various maps. Ex in the city you would have easy access to guns (because everyone in Sweden has guns.. who ever has that American idea). At the lake there are significant aid to the challenge ahead.

But in the forest it all of sudden changes, it becomes a running game, as that is just the best solution. While not just being under instant attack, if you died, you are given a branch (just a branch for some of the maps).

And then all of sudden we are back to a house, Rambo's house, shotguns, m16, powerful pistols, only the C4 is missing. While the giants can go though the walls like they were the size of a human, a single person has enough ammo to kill the entire forest.

Next up a sawman boss, where the rest of my team lost connection for some reason, you simply get stuck with a glock, a shotgun and saw-maniac.

As the intro (which takes years to play) state the mission, the story just doesn't follow the progression of all the corners which are filled with monsters (seriously, its not scary, DOOM did a better job on that part). After a while running around and checking doors, but with no initiative to follow, it gets boring

ShouldBeNew says
1 ShouldBeNew

Jan 4th, 2014 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

no software mode. f*ck opengl. go software!

Pavel_Perepelitsa says
1 Pavel_Perepelitsa

Feb 14th, 2013 4 people agree 4 people don't

Piece of rumpel sh*t!

Elitesse says
1 Elitesse

Jul 17th, 2013 4 people agree 6 people don't

I just don't like the theme of this mod. Seriously, horror? Why have you wasted all of your time creating an...horror mod? No offense, but maybe you could have created a (for example) WW2 themed mod, or a roleplaying game in a big city, i don't know...but not an horror mod. I don't like it, sorry. 1/10.

LexxoR says
1 LexxoR

Apr 29th, 2013 2 people agree 5 people don't


aoine25 says
1 aoine25

Jan 4th, 2013 4 people agree 7 people don't

Unplayable with friends

rogervanzant says
1 rogervanzant

Dec 20th, 2012 5 people agree 12 people don't
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Sgt410 says
1 Sgt410

Feb 28th, 2012 5 people agree 12 people don't

Awful mod! The entire storyline is a ********. Monsters looks like they have been made by a guy who was really high. Mod is soo long, that it beats all interest out of you, and it doesnt encourage you to complete game again. This sucks completely. Even Afraid of Monsters was FAR FAR better then this ****.

Jane_Denton says
1 Jane_Denton

Dec 16th, 2012 5 people agree 13 people don't

Devs do not support technical issues, or questions of any kind. Without that how can one configure game to play properly.

Configuration in game options is limited as well.

On top of that the followers of this particular mod is abusive and therefore affect my vote as well.

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