Cradle features a groundbreaking fast-paced system for melee combat driven by your intent and purpose. When you attack in Cradle it is not a stand-in for a random number generator, the actual strike of your weapon is what determines damage. Cradle’s highly responsive attack and movement systems provide unprecedented control and fluidity in player movement and combat. In Cradle, you fight with your wits and your reflexes, not dice.

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The paladin is an indomitable force on the battlefield. With strength, unparalleled, he moves slowly, but with conviction, to strike down his foes with either heavy one handed strikes, or even heavier, more lethal attacks with large two handed weapons. Being a defender of the weak, it only fits that the paladin wields many large shields in addition to his heavy weapons, and focuses on repelling enemy attacks before launching his own devastating blows. With such large weapons and shields, so heavy that others couldn't ever imagine wielding, many of the paladins strikes send enemies flying (knockback) or leave them stunned as they attempt to regain their senses.

Wading into the middle of battle where most others would instead run, the paladin thrives off of his ability to prevent and block enemy attacks. With every attack he blocks, he gains confidence in his abilities, building up to become an unstoppable force (invincible for a time).

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Sep 9th, 2013
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