Cradle Song takes place in a desolate world. A world that has slowly deteriorated over hundreds of years. But Nathan has no idea about that. His life revolves around trudging to school, listening to lectures, and walking home after having failed to ask Ciri out once again. Many people live this way: hidden within Virtual Realities and completely unaware of the world outside... though they aren't there by choice. Nathan and these others are special sorts of people. People referred to by laymen as "power users". They have the potential to use supernatural abilities, thanks to a stroke of evolutionary luck. However, after Nathan's sponsored escape from his virtual world, he quickly discovers that potential does not always transition into reality. Out of all of his fellow escapees, he is the only one left powerless. Now, with boundless possibilities before him, will Nathan embrace this new and unstable world, or will he be overwhelmed? Real life starts now.

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