Critical Point: Incursion is a standalone game created with Epic Games' Unreal Development Kit. Incursion is a semi-realistic, arcade-like first-person shooter combining tactical gameplay with arcade-style speed.Utilising a wide variety of modern weaponry and set in fantastically rendered locations, the Mercenaries and Special Forces meet at a critical point! In a rush-based mode as seen in first-person shooters such as CoD4, Battlefield 3, Counter Strike and TO:AoT, teams are given level-specific objectives in round-based scenarios! CP:I is aimed at a large player base, offering a huge platform for competitive clan and league play, allowing individuals to shine and capture their glory regardless of how many hours they have played. It accentuates skill vs luck, aiming vs spraying, etc. We differ from the competition by having no unlockables, no RPG's, claymores, tanks, jets or other vehicles. Just PURE infantry combat action!!

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What FPS would be complete without a little AK action?
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dave_5430 Dec 24 2009 says:

Hmm, well, it looks alright, but the firing animation looks a little cheesy...

... maybe it's just because it's so smooth or something I don't know.

You see when the UMP fired it 'snapped to' the recoil frames, this one just... kinda slides towards it...
If you compare the two you'll know what I mean.

Oh and you misspelled the description


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ChestyMcGee Dec 24 2009 says:

The draw animations are okay.
The idle animations are fantastic.

The firing animations are really bad. Recoil doesn't just go perfectly upwards like the weapon is on a hinge. It goes backwards, into the holder's shoulder and thus the gun moves in many directions. The animation now looks really too unrealistic and cheesy, like something from an N64 game.

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Nova2 Dec 24 2009 says:

Plus the reload animation is wrong, unless you emptied the mag in that demo because that's the only time you have to do the whole 1 (remove mag) 2 (insert mag) 3 (chamber the 1st round) otherwise it's just 1 2.

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TurdDrive Dec 24 2009 replied:


You only need to Chamber the first round if you emptied the mag.

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zombieOnion Dec 25 2009 replied:

You do realize that when in combat, you really don't count bullets that well, so chambering a round "just to be sure" is viable.

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diesel1064 May 12 2011 replied:

That is not entirely accurate. We are trained to count every round and to leave one in the chamber so that we are able to fire if we need to while reloading. You never drain your weapon.

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putrid_being Dec 24 2009 says:

I would have to agree with what a few others have said. The recoil animation looks very off.

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Daishi2442 Dec 25 2009 says:

The recoil, as has been stated multiple times, is just wrong. An AK47 held properly (in the small of your shoulder) would kick back a lot more than up. It only rotates up about 5-8 degrees; the rest of the energy is transferred into your shoulder and your torso.

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|KILroy| Jan 30 2010 says:

As Daishi2442 stated, the recoil should be revised to push back.

This one looks uncomfortable and does not stay in the same line as the "imaginary" crosshair....kinda gives the illusion you are missing your shots.

Nonetheless, it still looks good. I would assume it still needs more polishing.

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nubblecakes Mar 31 2010 says:

The animations seem very robotic, especially the fire animations.

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Swaggletooth May 9 2010 replied:

Yeah, I thought that too. The draw/holster animations look really robotic, and the reload looks a little too "clunky".

To my eyes it doesn't look like the left hand is holding the weapon snugly either.

Anyway, with a bit of work these could become very nice and smooth :)

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Bluedrake42 Oct 29 2010 says:

firing animation is meh =/, it needs to come back more not go up

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GrampsHiro Jul 4 2012 says:

needs more variables, some horizontal recoil as well as vertical.

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ShrikeGFX Aug 7 2012 says:

The model looks good, but the drybrushing highlights on the end are really hard. I would tone that down a bit

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What FPS would be complete without a little AK action?

Dec 24th, 2009
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