Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 12 years ago.

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I love Counter-Strike games, however this newest installment in the series adds nearly nothing new.All the gameplay mods had been already done before by modders in the previous titles.
It did add new weapons, but at the time of launch they were really unbalanced.Since then, the game hasn't really changed all that much.
There are positives though.The classic map layouts have been re-crafter in a way to provoke more balanced gameplay.
The graphics are better too.The soundtrack and audio designe is splendid.

Very very fun =D could be more game modes though

Decent game, pretty hard to get used too, i prefer cs:s though, much more mods and overall fun.

Absolute cancer.You get skin insanity for this spending thousands of dollars that you might never recover.Physics are completly awful and most bullets aren't even counted as 60/120 Hz servers can.A complete garbage for low-end PC's so Valve get quick cash without making any effort.Updates bring even worse content,which you might remember about R8 stuff.Also,stat-trak music kits? Are you serious about that?

No,no,no and no.
7 just for the name

Awesome game, improved maps, gameplay, skins and more effects, also every bug is fixed one by one and community works good with the valve.

Thanks You...!

Essentially a polish update to get this on the same level with regular AAA titles. Sounds and music are well done just as the models. It adds some popular community developed game modes without the need for server admins to install mods. The workshop is a great way to browse for new maps. Buy it when it is heavily discounted especially if you already own Counter-Strike: Source.

A good rendition of the classic shooter.. Same concept.. Some new weapons and old.. Though they pretty much nerfed the M4A1 and the USP to contain less ammo.. I find it still good and accurate especially the M4A1 against terrorists.. I find it good in rescuing hostages now though since you can piok one from sites a and b.. The game is quite cheap too on steam.. Definitely one of the best shooters there is..

Well I know I'm late with this review so let me say my opinion. This game was awesome! Counter Strike is owns COD by a long shot. I can't believe everybody is lusting over COD: Advanced Warfare while they could be playing an actual decent online game. Counter Strike actually came first anyway so **** you COD for ******* everything up! Anyways enough of my ranting, this game was a gem! It was fun to play, it ran alright, and it really brought me back to the old days of playing good ol' Counter Strike on my computer all night. A 9/10 I'm giving this since I think the original Goldsource Counter Strike is better. Don't get me wrong tho, this one rocks too!

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