Counter-Strike: Source blends Counter-Strike's award-winning teamplay action with the advanced technology of Source technology. Featuring state of the art graphics, all new sounds, and introducing physics, Counter-Strike: Source is a must-have for every action gamer. Game updates since mid 2010 are done by Hidden Path Entertainment.

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Actually, it's a good game, very nice modern graphics, sound, atmosphere... Gameplay also not bad, but... just not classic. On the one hand, it some kind reminds old good CS 1.6 and it's good, on the other hand, it has not enough differences and features... CSS is much... boring? than its great ancestor...

This game is just my favourite game of all time, props to VALVe.

This game is just full of awesomeness.

Many gamemodes to play with, ( I mean zombie escape, death run..etc)
Good graphics, not the best ones, but still looks good!
So entertaining

True, every gamer should play this game!


got everything you could ever wish

Its a well mad game and give you sorce for mode games


strike_07 says

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for me, this game changed my life forever
since I began to play it (I started with CS 1.5) has left me addicted for a while, but the CSS is better for their graphics and gameplay is excellent
10 points without hesitation

This game its, a counter strike of a new generation of games, this graphics is much god, difrent of the other counter strike versions. And a moviment and efects and weapons is much difrent of the other versions of counter strike.

Nice Game..

One of the best shooter games. Or one of the best ever made it. Keep going Valve we love you:)

Competetive gameplay. But sometimes hackers get the best of this game.

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