Counter Strike Online is a Counter-Strike game targeted towards Asia's gaming market. It is developed by Nexon Corporation of South Korea with oversight from license-holder Valve Corporation. It uses a micropayment model that is managed by a custom version of the Steam back-end.

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the only better in this game is just the zombie mod



Just play CS1.6

This game ruin the original Counter-Strike. :(


LOZ_98 says

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You basically took Counter-Strike 1.6, a great Classic 10/10 game and turned it into a Pure **** all about Pay 2 play, Wow what a dramatic change .



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Counter-Strike is another game that I hold onto dearly because of how it was fun and how I met many great players.. Counter-Strike:Online might seem like a good alternative to Global Offensive, But it isn't, It's quite possibly the worst knock-off to a good game series.

Counter-Strike:Online contiunes the Online only game series in a bad direction:Combining a Shooter similar to CS:GO while using a micromanagement system similar to Steam's Workshop. Using real money to get more guns..Is my first complaint.

While Counter-Strike:Online has bots if you don't want to play online, These bots are not like the ones in Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, Source, or CS:GO, The bots in CS:O are just plain awful.. even on the hardest setting, They still cannot shoot good.

I really cannot see CS:O as a good game for many reason, But the ones listed above are what many "hardcore" fans would focus on.



earlkim111 says

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counter strike rip off

The best counter strike you can find.
The engine was tooked to a higher level and because they worked with the licensed engine they made some things that are unique to this game like better gameplay,better maps and higher quality models besides that it look like it was made with the source engine because of all the things they made.
The servers are always available and there is always someone you can play with.
The gameplay is really good and quite different to counter strike.
The models are really good and you have lots of classes to choose besides they look unique because they were designed exclusively for the game

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