Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes is a game developed by Ritual Entertainment, which acts as an expansion pack to Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. It makes up a series of eighteen unconnected single-player missions, with blazing fast action and intense firefights. It includes new weapons and re-skinned and re-animated versions of Counter-Strike weapons.

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Jul 6th, 2014 0 people agree 2 people don't

Oh great, a Counter-Strike with singleplayer mode and history.. What could go wrong? Oh well... sometime I don't know why I speak.

Let's start this review, with my typicalenglish grammar errors and all the ****.

This is a CS with singleplayer. YES. SINGLEPLAYER. But is horribly created. The level design are acceptable, sucks, but acceptable.The voice acting in english is "mhee..." but the dub in spanish is... horrible, I'm a great fan of the spanish voice acting and someday I would like to work on that; the big problem is the accents. STUPID. *******. ACCENTS.

Accents for the americans, accents for the japaneses, accents for your mother riding in a bike without wheels.

Is full of bugs and the enemies are a group of stupids, more easy than the ******* CoD, is short and the game no have much replay value really.

Mhe, what I going to say, I don't like it m8.

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