"Time Stops, it's the world of silence." Constant C is a puzzle based 2D platformer. You play as a rescue robot in a space station where the time has stopped, and fight against this fatal crisis with your courage and intelligence. ● Time Circle All objects are static in this world, and your Time Circle is the only way to make them move on. Use your smarts to turn obstacles into stepping stones! ● Gravity Shifting This advanced skill will not only let you dodge deadly traps, but also perform many spectacular actions! Turbo jump, manipulate inertia and even super cool ninja dive! Features: --Puzzle games involving real physics. --Epic story with intriguing developments. --Over 100 original-designed stages. --Mind blowing puzzles. **Warning! May cause brain damage** --Stunning 2D graphics with dark and mysterious atmosphere. Enjoy your adventure. You are THE ONE! Xbox 360 Controller supported.

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I thought Constant C was very entertaining. The game doesn't dwell too long on introduction and the tutorial is very quick and to the point. There were times where being in space made things take a little too much time, like the first time you turn gravity around.

The levels were short and to the point, which means dying wasn't a huge issue. A few times I forgot that even though I'm a robot, I can't just fall from a high ledge, and I got a few chuckles from when I got over zealous. The atmosphere in the game was really great, and the music was fitting and unintrusive. There arent a lot of sound effects, but I guess space is a pretty quiet place.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable game. I feel that maybe some of the early levels were a little bit too hard for me. There were a few plugs in the second area that I couldn't figure out, and it seemed like the difficulty curve jumped a little bit too fast for my level of skills. Still, in my book, anything above a 5 is a good game, and an 8 is outstanding!

I am going to be honest, some people will find certain puzzles in this game annoying (especially later ones), as Constant C is not a game for everyone. But the 'Ah-ha' moment that you finally figure it out is extremely satisfying.

This game also have a strong story arc, though not in the foreground. But piece together the mysterious events that happened while struggling to understand the physics and time mechanics just adds more flavors on to each part.

Graphic is not astonishing or artistically extraordinary, but clean and neat. OTOH, Music is just epic.

If you love Braid and And Yet It Moves, you'll love this one. It's not without flaws, but this is my type of game, so I am still going to give it a 10.

Very Nice Puzzler! Remind me of Braid and Limbo


It's a novel idea for a 2D platformer puzzle game!
Haven't played such a nice game after Braid.
Especially I like the idea of controlling the time flow very much! :D


awesome game. simply awesome. for me it's like portal in 2d with the gravity manipulation and time dilation field both employed to move around the level.

kind of feels like what vvvvvv could have been if it had inventive game design and less.. focus on dying, and being frustrating.

Constant C is a gem amongst a sea of other indie platform puzzlers.

Great story with matching gameplay and range of puzzles.

I found Constant C to be one of those games that when I started playing it I just couldn't stop playing until it was completely finished.

The puzzles were very stimulating and being able to piece together the overall story while figuring them out constantly made me want to know what had happened. Even after completing the game and seeing the story unfold I just wanted to replay it again.

The graphics and sound while minimal are ideal for the overall setting and are very well done. There's enough there to keep the levels feeling alive and at the same time not distract the player from completing the puzzles. The music is amazing, I'd love to see a bandcamp OST release. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Overall it's an awesome puzzle/platformer experience and worth checking out.

Franchement j'aime bien mais le problème c'est que je le trouve trop cher pour ce qu'il propose. C'est pou ça que ma note est un peux plus petite que ce que je voudrais mettre si le prix était plus accessible.
Car 8€ c'est trop cher je trouve

Mais 1 bon petit jeux Puzzle plateforme


The simple, clean, and playful art design complements a fabulous platformer. As you progress you gain the ability to manipulate time and space on your quest to stop a catastrophe. The puzzles often lead to some head-scratching, but the solutions are almost always quite elegant. Hunting down storage units provides extra challenge, leading to effectively two solutions for many of the puzzles. While one rarely plays platformers for the story, the story of Constant C is endearing and gives a nice pay-off to your efforts.

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