Conflict Terra is a free, open-source RTS built in the Spring engine.

  • Featuring two working factions with a third on the way. Play as the militaristic NKG or the alien Drones.
  • First Spring game to feature a "traditional" gather-and-drop-off economy (à la Age of Empires or Starcraft). Mine meteorites which fall from the sky!
  • A heavy emphasis on mobility; most units are made from factories that can take off and fly!
  • Enjoy a simple and highly stylized art style!

How to Get the Game

You need two things to play Conflict Terra:

  • The Spring Engine, which can be downloaded here.
  • The actual game files, which can be acquired through a myriad of ways. Read the tutorial to learn how to get those files.
  • Once you have those, you can read the tutorial on how to start a game of Conflict Terra and get into the fun!

After you get the game, you can either play a single-player match against a bot, or in a multi-player match against a friend!



Unfortunately, ModDB has a rather lackluster notification system, so if you need to contact me about a bug or something not working, ModDB is not the best place. Here are some much more reliable contact methods:


In the year 2207 a hail of strange meteors strike the Earth, effectively killing an estimated 60% of mankind. Prior to the impact, the nations of the world moved bulks of their populations to space to dodge the coming apocalypse. All but one made this move. Japan decided to ignore the mandate and moved underground, building massive bunkers.
Fifty-three years later, mankind returns to the surface, and the struggle for resources of an unprecedented scarcity prompts one of the greatest conflicts in Earth's long history.
But will mankind notice the alien passengers that arrived with the meteorites?


Conflict Terra features a track made by Yoni Luria, a musician who makes very nice game music. Go and give it a listen... by playing Conflict Terra!

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The first dramatic update to Conflict Terra happened over a year ago when we worked with the skilled Knorke of the Spring Community to bring a mining resource system to Conflict Terra. Part of that update involved switching over to the cruiser factory system, beginning the huge emphasis on mobility that would come to characterize CT as you could move your factories around the map. The second came when the Drones were introduced, a whole new and unique faction for players to play as.

Now, the third major update to Conflict Terra has arrived!

Updated Cruisers

  • Remodeled the old Flagship (it is now called the Expeditionary Cruiser!), Mech Cruiser, Tank Cruiser, and Air Cruiser. They are a bit more sleek now, and look quite a bit more intimidating. They now have landing gear which extends and retracts as the units land, and downward pointing engines on the front end of their undersides. How does this affect gameplay? It doesn't! But this does:
  • These 4 cruisers (and most of the upcoming cruisers I still need to work on) now fire barrages of beam cannons at enemy cruisers. Gone are the boring, slow exchanges of missiles! But, because a beam cannon is less likely to hit a moving aircraft in Spring than you winning the lottery, a pair of homing AA missiles can be fired from each of these cruisers. An important note though: these cruisers can no longer attack the ground!
  • Remodeled Cruisers!
  • Now, when cruisers are built, they descend from the sky and land on the landing pad of whichever building you're using to "build" these ships. It looks so, so much better when they aren't being nano-framed into existence on the surface!
  • When these factory cruisers are building their units, scaffolding unfolds out of the hull and the new unit arrives with a show of blinking lights (green means go, red means stop!) It is a vast improvement over the older cruiser factories!
  • The remodeled cruiser's factories!

New NKG Unit Structure

  • The Advanced Mech Cruiser and Advanced Tank Cruiser have been removed, as well as the Advanced Cruiser Beacon and the Experimental Build Pad. All mechs are now built from the new mech cruiser, and all tanks from the new tank cruiser! All cruisers are built from the Cruiser Beacon, with some still being built from the new Expeditionary Cruiser (your starting unit.) So, how do you get the stronger, Advanced Units?
  • A new unlocking system has been implemented. To unlock the Advanced Mechs, you must build the Ace Mech. The Ace Mech will look familiar, it is the old Honda MkII! As long as the Ace Mech is alive, you will be able to build Advanced Mechs from the mech cruiser. You can only have one, so protect him well!
  • The same goes for the Advanced Tanks. Build the General's Tank, and you'll have access to the Advanced Tanks from the tank cruiser. As with the Ace Mech, you can only have one, so keep him well guarded!
  • This also goes for the Cruisers. Building the (newly designated) Flagship will allow you to build Battlecruisers. But, just a side note: the Flagship and Battlecruiser still need to be remodeled and redone! But don't worry, they're still in the game ready for you to build.
  • I really hope this streamlines and simplifies the unit tree for the NKG. You can now see just about everything you have the potential to build, and the tooltip even tells you what to do to unlock something. I think it'll really improve the game!

New Units

  • When the Honda MkII moved up to the role of Ace Mech, a gap was formed in the Advanced Mech line-up! That gap was filled with the newly redesigned Honda MkII! Armed with a pair of beam machine guns, this unit can still Jump Jet and will still certainly tear through units.
  • The new Taisho Type Tank is the previously mentioned General's Tank; having it on the field unlocks Advanced Tanks. It is a simple unit, with a pair of tank cannons. Hopefully someday it will have some kind of power to help it stand out!
  • 2 New Units!
  • These units haven't been made yet, but they are coming! Expect a brand new Missile Cruiser, a smaller cruiser with no requirements to build which can only fire at the ground with a barrage of missiles. Meant to be an earlier version of the Battlecruiser.
  • Vastly redone Transport Cruiser. It is going to be a lot smaller, a lot cheaper, and hopefully fully functioning and easy to use!
  • A new specialized repair pad for aircraft and cruisers! Before, this function was given to the air cruiser, but it looked ridiculous with a massive Battlecruiser landing on the much smaller Air Cruiser to be repaired. Expect a stationary building, easy and cheap to build, which will repair your aircraft and cruisers!

What Comes Next?

As specified in the above section with not-yet-made new units, there are still some units that need to be made to round out the Big Changes. However, I was wanting to get this out first so people can get a taste of what I've been working on.

In addition to the new units, I will be working on pathfinding (Forboding Angel, who is working on Evolution RTS, has recently released some helpful info on optimizing units pathfinding). I will also be working on making better, original, and more accurate weapon impact effects. The ones in the game haven't been touched in in almost 2 years I think!

And, of course, the continued effort of remodeling and improving the existing unit roster. Expect some balance work in the future, as this new system for the NKG is sure to shake things up!

So play, give me some feedback, and enjoy the game!

Big Changes are on the Way!

Big Changes are on the Way!

News 1 comment

Some very big changes are coming to Conflict Terra!

Development Has Officially Restarted!

Development Has Officially Restarted!

News 2 comments

After some precious time away, it has been decided to reopen development of Conflict Terra!

Locking up Shop

Locking up Shop

News 3 comments

Development of Conflict Terra has come to a close.

Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

News 1 comment

After a few months of inactivity, the CT team is getting back in the saddle and wrangling up some cattle. In normal person speak, that means we're working...

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Conflict Terra Map Pack 1

Conflict Terra Map Pack 1

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

The first official map pack for Conflict Terra! Read more to learn how to install these.

Rapid Files for Conflict Terra

Rapid Files for Conflict Terra

Other 3 comments

Rapid files used to easily and quickly update Conflict Terra. Consult the tutorial on how to use them.

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not to sound like a reporter or anything like that but i have a few questions for you, i'd like it and im sure many people here would like it if you answered. I'm curious to know as to some of the custom features, such as game specific buttons, or rotatable buildings? also, will you have any aerial buildings? i know that aerial buildings arn't present in most spring mods (the reason i say most is because i havn't actually tried ALL the versions of each mod there is) and although it would be nice to have either A) a building that fly's and can do something important or B) an airplane that is capable of producing units from inside of it without building them on the ground. also, will there be any form of super weapons, such as nukes, planetary chisels, meteor controlers, etc. will there be any cheap, fast, glass cannon spam units? or will the only assault units be iron clad warmongers? will there be any all terain spiders or kbots? and one final question, will you have any form of aerial transport? I, and the community would appreciate it if you answered these questions in your free time that your not working on CT

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Sanada_Ujio Creator

Hmmm, it puts new posts on top of older ones. You may want to start from the bottom up. Sorry!

We will also have air transports. Unfortunately, Spring's system of dealing with Air Transports isn't very refined and, to be honest, a big pain in the neck. I have had to model and recreate two different transports because the first version did not work properly, and the current air transport for the NKG isn't performing the way I'd like it to. This is foreboding because the NKG lacks any decisive weapons like nukes or the orbital laser, so the intended "ace in the hole" was a large, heavily armored transport unit that could drop troops in tactical locations. I haven't received much help to get the transport working properly, but it is high on the list of priorities. The PN will have at least two different kinds of transports to my knowledge.

Thanks for asking all those questions, it's easier to explain things when people ask, haha.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
Sanada_Ujio Creator

Super weapons as a whole will come in short supply. The Development Team decided early on to not include nukes, mostly because we felt nukes are usually very un-fun game elements. Starcraft is the only game to date in which I approve of nukes ;) I'm guessing you're referencing Complete Annihilation's energy chisel and meteor controller? There won't be any units exactly like that, but the PN does plan to have a powerful but restrained weapon that we call the Orbital Laser. It will perform similar to a nuke in that it must be stockpiled from a building and will have a large range, but the laser itself will be very pinpoint in nature, with enough damage to destroy most units but not destroy half a base in one blow. The intended counter to this (the "anti-nuke", basically) are shields. Because the PN is still heavily in development, we have yet to test this Orbital Laser in gameplay and so we're unsure of how it will play out in the end.

We believe there will be a good variety of units to pick from. The NKG has at least one unit that could be "spammed," and I know oksnoop2 loves the Flea from the TA mods so I'm certain he will include a handful of "spammy" units. There will also be heavily armored assault units. One of the systems we've implemented and are very happy with is placing build limits on all of the Tech Level 2 units. This prevents players from being able to simply amass a large army of the "strongest units" and smashing others, and promotes them to still remember the Tech Level 1 units, while potentially wishing to protect their precious, limited Tech Level 2 units.

The NKG currently has no all-terrain units, and doesn't plan on any (this may of course change), but I know for sure the PN will have at least a few all-terrain units.

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Sanada_Ujio Creator

Hmm, 2000 character limit. I'll answer in more than one post:

Wow, a big post! Let me see here.

There will be no game specific buttons, unless you count the Morph function. The sad fact is that the two people who make up the CT Development Team (myself being one of the two) are not coders, know virtually nothing about coding, and probably won't anytime in the near future, if ever. This leaves us at the mercy of what the community has already done, which is frustrating for several reasons I won't go into. Like I said, we will be heavily utilizing Morph, and oksnoop2, the other Developer, is spearheading implementing Jump Jets for units, although he hasn't made much progress.

It is funny you ask about aerial buildings, because those were a key part of the NKG when it was conceived. You see, originally I had planned for there to be the Flagship, and then about three or four kinds of "carriers" that the Flagship could call into battle. What I called "carriers" were in fact aerial factories, meant to do more or less what you described, producing the bulk of the NKG's unit roster.. And, as it seems you found out, Spring overall does not support this. There is, however, one project currently WIP that utilizes this idea perfectly, but it's being developed by some very skilled individuals, whose Lua wizardry is beyond me. I decided to put my idea away in the name of progress, and so I went with the standard terrestrial factory idea. If I can ever return to the aerial factories though, I will certainly pounce on it, but sadly I'm pretty pessimistic about that.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Keep it up, we'll be watching.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Right you are, Tim. And now, back to Marian with the weather forecast.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Sounds interesting, but these images are not very impressing though...

Tracked ;-)

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