Moves the battle away from the common Western Front focus of World War II and refocuses on some of history’s most brutal and devastating conflicts on the Eastern Front, challenging players to take command of the iconic Red Army and repel the Nazi invaders from the very gates of Moscow.

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Well, it's nowhere near the worst RTS game, however, it's good in my opinion. Of course, every game has a flaw or more. I have never came across one without any. It's quite demanding yes, but has a very fun and rewarding gameplay and a swell experience for the player, in which I find that to be the most valuable feature for any game. It's a 9/10 for me.

A very good rts game not as good as the first one but it is fun and new tactics to and also a a good story telling us about ************* stalin communfucker killing his own people for nothing while he was sitting in his chair wih wealth
**** communism and capitalism to!

good but soviet story like a popaganda


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