Moves the battle away from the common Western Front focus of World War II and refocuses on some of history’s most brutal and devastating conflicts on the Eastern Front, challenging players to take command of the iconic Red Army and repel the Nazi invaders from the very gates of Moscow.

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10 aryaputra123

Jul 1st, 2013 5 people agree 21 people don't

Great rts game !

Euphoria_21 says
10 Euphoria_21

Jul 3rd, 2013 5 people agree 22 people don't

The game itself is amazing, despite some multi player balancing issues (which are quickly being patched anyway), this game is everything you could want from an RTS.

The damage system is the same as the original un-modded company of heroes, and that is to be expected.

The graphics have improved greatly in terms of detail when compared to the original Company of Heroes, and the sound work is phenomenal.

I'm not sure what people were expecting from Company of Heroes 2 to disappoint them so much, especially when it takes Blizzard 9 years to release a game that is essentially a graphics overhaul with re-imagined units.

I've herd much complaint about the story as well, but that was never the point of Company of Heroes 2 in the first place. I honestly can't tell you much about the Company of Heroes 1 campaign (After beating it multiple times, going for medals, etc.) story-wise, but that didn't stop that game from getting near perfect ratings; reviews instead focused on how visceral and fun the actual game play experience was.

In short, Company of Heroes 2 is a worthy sequel because it takes the same intense game play of the original and builds upon it with a plethora of new mechanics, wrapped up in triple A title level graphics and sound design that can be expected from the Company of Heroes series.

ODaWing says
10 ODaWing

Apr 23rd, 2015

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rauzy says
1 rauzy

Apr 7th, 2015

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snipertje says
8 snipertje

Mar 19th, 2015

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Edu-Br says
10 Edu-Br

Jan 12th, 2015

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Gozac1198 says
10 Gozac1198

Nov 10th, 2014

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kinjitoyama5 says
9 kinjitoyama5

Nov 6th, 2014

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hunk22 says
1 hunk22

Sep 2nd, 2014

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aoflow102 says
10 aoflow102

Aug 10th, 2014

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